Prayer Tip: Just the Beginning…

Posted Feb 21, 2021

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Daily Scripture

Mark 1:1-6a

The beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ, God’s Son, happened just as it was written about in the prophecy of Isaiah:

Look, I am sending my messenger before you.
He will prepare your way,
a voice shouting in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way for the Lord;
make his paths straight.”

John the Baptist was in the wilderness calling for people to be baptized to show that they were changing their hearts and lives and wanted God to forgive their sins. Everyone in Judea and all the people of Jerusalem went out to the Jordan River and were being baptized by John as they confessed their sins. John wore clothes made of camel’s hair, with a leather belt around his waist.

Prayer Tip

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

I have been reading on neuroplasticity in the brain recently. Our old understanding of the brain was that once we reached a certain age our brains were finished developing. Our brains were “set” in that particular way.

Now we know that this is not true. Our brains can change until we die. We can rewire our brains, change our brains, and change our habits. We are able learn to love and follow Jesus more deeply at any time in our lives. It is never too late!

This week, one thing we will study is the baptism of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. Baptism is an outward act marking our choice to live as part of the body of Christ. When we are baptized, we are marked as belonging to God. We are changed.

Lent is a wonderful time to reflect on our relationship with God. Are you as close to God as you would like to be? Do your actions reflect your true values and who you want to be? If they do not, this is a season when we remember that God is ready to help us whenever we are ready. Below are some ways to reflect in prayer this week:

  • If you have been baptized, spend some time reflecting on your baptism. What did that time of reflection show you? How has your commitment to Christ changed you?
  • Is your spiritual life healthy right now? If so, reflect on what is working. If not, what is missing and what could you do to make changes?
  • Are there things you wish you knew more about? If so, how can you learn them? Would you want to meet with a pastor to talk about them? Consider joining our Wednesday night class that starts this week.

Dear God of wonder and change,

We thank you for this day, for this opportunity to grow and learn new things and that you long to share your wisdom with us. Continue to work in our lives to turn us into the loving children you created us to be.

— Ashly Cooley, Counseling & Support Ministries

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