Women's Thursday LIVE Winter Session

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LADIES! Thursday Live's Winter Session starts on Jan 16th for 6 weeks every Thursday from 9:30-11:30am. Please join us for fun, fellowship and studying God’s word. We do have child care for a small fee-so come and join us!

There are two studies to choose from this session:

1. Diane Robertson will be taking us through the Enneagram Study, which is an in depth personality study that is so great, many of us have taken it many times over. Are you a #1/#6? Or maybe a #3/#2? You’ll know by the end of the study how to understand what makes you tick and how you connect best with others around you as well. Our own RezWest Author and congregant, Dr. Dennis Butler, wrote the book we will use called “The Road To Wisdom.”

------ OR ------

2. Anna Danner and Carol Dittmann will be facilitating a class by Andy Stanley called Follow. If you’ve never heard of Andy Stanley, you will wonder why, after taking this study. He’s fantastic! This study is a journey through the gospels to trace Jesus’ teaching on what it means to follow. There is minimal homework in this class.

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