All-Church Gathering 2018

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God has done amazing, unimaginable things through Resurrection since we launched in 1990. This church has reached higher and seen greater impact than we ever imagined was possible.

Watch the video of our 2018 All-Church Gathering from January 26, 2018.

Vision 2030

As we look farther into our future, we can’t help but dream about what God has in store in the coming years. In 2018, we will take the ambitious step of seeking long-term clarity to carry us forward between now and the year 2030. We are calling this effort Vision 2030, and it begins at the Gathering on January 26. We invite you to participate and help shape our church’s future.

Will Mancini, founder of the Auxano consulting group and author of God Dreams, will serve as the lead navigator on this journey as we engage deeply in the vision of our church and prayerfully seek to understand what dramatic impact our church will have over the next 12 years as we change lives, strengthen churches, and transform Kansas City and the world.

The result of this process will be a clear vision that stirs hearts and aligns our resources in pursuit of God-given dreams with maximum impact. Your input and participation will be critical. Please join us for this important leadership event.

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