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Living With Courageous Kindness

Posted Oct 12, 2021

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Greetings Resurrection West!

This past Sunday we celebrated three baptisms; two adorable twins at the 9 am service and my awesome nephew at 11. Baptisms are such a celebration, and it's a joy to welcome someone into the incredible family of God. If you have not been baptized, check out and let me know that you’d like to talk more about this sacrament of faith.

In every baptism, I ask the person being baptized (or their family, if they are an infant), to profess their faith and their desire to follow Jesus - and then comes one of my favorite parts. I ask the entire congregation if they will support, pray for, love, disciple, and care for this person as they grow in their faith. And every time it makes me both humbled and proud to serve as your pastor, to hear as you enthusiastically say, “Yes!”

I’m so grateful for a church that is always welcoming.

We have an incredible opportunity to live this out later this month at Trunk or Treat! This is a great opportunity to bring a friend, celebrate with the community, and grab some candy! My family and I have picked out our costumes; you'll have to come on October 30 (5 - 7 pm), to see what we have planned. I'm excited to share this event with some of my friends and neighbors, and I hope you will too. If you would be willing to dress up in a costume, decorate your trunk, or hand out candy, sign up here!

One final reminder. Tonight, we kick off a new Tuesday night series called “Hot Mess – The Story of Jacob and His Family.” Come see how God works in the midst of a real, dysfunctional family. If you can’t be here in person, you can join online, or, go at your own pace with a new session available weekly on our Facebook.

Speaking of welcoming people – make sure you connect with Shiloh Link, our new Elementary Program Director, as we welcome her to our Rez West community!


Bill Gepford

Bill Gepford

Bill serves as Location Pastor for Resurrection West in Olathe, KS.