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Posted Sep 6, 2019

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Resurrection West,

This Sunday we will pause our sermon series on the Ten Commandments through the eyes of Jesus to take on a special focus around the epidemic of suicides in our community. You’ll remember that this is one of our initiatives for 2019 as a part of our larger Vision 2030 goal around closing the justice & kindness gap. You can learn more about these initiatives at cor.org/vision2030. Pastor Adam will be preaching a hope-filled message for those that have lost loved ones to suicide and for our community. We will share practical ways to take action in preventing suicides.

This will be an important Sunday and I want to encourage all of our households with teens to have them worship with you on Sunday! Join us at 8 am, 9:30 am, 11 am, & 5 pm as KiDSCOR Sunday School resumes at all services for 5th grade and under. Rezlife Sunday School for 6th-8th graders also resumes at 9:30 am & 11 am.

On Sunday afternoon, more than forty 8th-12th grade students will begin a ten-week Confirmation journey to grow in their understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. They will confirm their faith at a special worship ceremony on Nov. 10. Please join me in praying for these teens and this important faith exploration. We are especially excited in the Gant household that Hailey, our oldest daughter, will be participating in Confirmation this fall.

Thank you for patience to the many families, volunteer leaders, and players who are being forced to work around our exterior construction for weekly Upward soccer practices and Saturday games. We are now just a few weeks away from the completion of the project, after being delayed due to weather. It’s going to be an exciting season of soccer and football as kids are learning the characteristics of the Christian faith, as well as sports skills and teamwork!

This week our Thursday Live women’s ministry kicked off with a great group of ladies looking to connect and grow together in smaller groups this fall. Here is a fun pic they took this week….


Thursday Live is just one of our many smaller group opportunities. If you are not currently involved in one of our community groups or smaller groups, I hope you will consider signing up now for our Small Group 4-week Start Up beginning on Sept. 17, with childcare and a catered meal each week (more details below). Our hope is to have many small groups come out of this gathering who will connect and grow in faith together.

On Sunday, at the conclusion of each service, we will celebrate Travis Morgan’s ministry at West as he transitions out of the role of our Director of Operations & Community Life and into a ministry beyond the walls of the church. He has accepted a job at a company that develops software for the medical field, specifically around stopping the stigma surrounding mental health. He and his family plan to continue worshipping at Resurrection West. Travis has served faithfully in many capacities across our campuses and we celebrated him this past Tuesday with a staff luncheon filled with laughter, gag gifts, and a meaningful moment of sending forth in prayer.

Joining me on the chancel platform this weekend will also be our new Director of Operations & Community Life, Rick Webb. Rick has served as our Director of Student Ministries over the last 4 1/2 years, and we are excited to welcome him into this new role. Rick and I shared this news with our students at this past Wednesday night’s youth group gatherings (with over 150 of our students) and they celebrated his promotion to this new position. This is a key leadership position as Rick will serve beside me as the staff manager, overseeing our Community Life ministries (kids, students, and adults) and day-to-day campus operations.

We will begin the nation-wide search for our next Director of Student Ministries right away and Rick will continue leading in both roles, with Jacob Cullum, Associate Director of Student Ministries & Worship Arts, right beside him. We assured our students Wednesday night and will again in rezlife Sunday School that finding the right Director of Student Ministries is our highest priority in this time of transition.

Please join us in prayer for this search and also gratitude for Travis Morgan’s service to our church. You will have an opportunity to thank him Sunday as he greets beside me following the benediction.

Pastor Jason

Jason Gant

Jason Gant

Jason Gant is the campus pastor of Resurrection West.