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Posted Sep 7, 2021

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Thanks for your prayers this past week as my family and I deal with Covid! They are much appreciated. For a quick update - my son Finn has been asymptomatic, and Melissa’s symptoms have been mild to moderate. I’ve been quarantining and sleeping in the basement to try and prevent the spread - shoutout to whomever donated the couch that I bought at our church-wide rummage sale earlier this year!

This illness has reinforced some of what we are reading in Romans – that we will all have challenges, but that God promises to walk with each of us through them. If you are in the middle of those challenges – whether physical, mental, or spiritual – your church family is here for you as well. You don’t have to be alone in this!

One of the ways we do that at Resurrection is through our recovery ministries. This week, Pastor Adam will join Pastor Tom Langhofer for the fall kick-off of Resurrection Recovery on Thursday, September 9. Join online at

If this is something near to your heart, and you are a little further along your recovery journey, I’d love for you to help make Resurrection Recovery available in-person at West. If you would have interest in helping start this group at our location, please contact Tom Langhofer at or 913-544-0219.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bill

Bill Gepford

Bill Gepford

Bill serves as Location Pastor for Resurrection West in Olathe, KS.