What God Requires

Be Just. Be Kind. Be Humble. Micah 6:8 provides for us not only a picture of what God Requires of us, but it also provides for us a roadmap toward building the kingdom of Heaven here on this earth.For five weeks we’re engaging in a sermon series that centers on this one passage of scripture that should inform our faith. This one passage of Scripture can also be seen clearly through the life,death,and resurrection ofJesus. One cannot learn about orfollow Jesus and not see the importance of justice,humility,mercy,and love.Itwas evident throughout his entire life. It should be for us as well.In an increasingly polarized world,we will be using the Micah 6:8 lens in order that we might discover our commonality.We will challenge one another to find ways to demonstrate love to all those whom we encounter,our families, our friends, our neighbors and particularly to those with whom we differ. This series will help model what it means to love one another while valuing our differences.

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