Resurrection Recovery

Finding hope and freedom from addiction – knowing that nothing is impossible with God.

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Recovery Groups

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Recovery Night Thursdays

Recovery groups meet at every Resurrection location and online.

Resurrection Blue Springs

Meets Thursdays at 5:30 pm for pizza, then 6:15 – 8 pm for a live streamed testimony and open share group. Blue Springs Recovery is led by Bill Kephart.

Resurrection Downtown

Meets Thursdays 6:15–8 pm for a live streamed testimony then an open share group. Downtown Recovery is led by Elise Shea.

Resurrection Leawood

Join us at 5:30 pm (Central Time) for pizza and fellowship, then hear a testimony from a brother or sister on the journey of recovery each week at 6:15 pm in the Foundry in Building B, followed by Recovery Support Group meetings at 7 pm (various locations and/or online).

Resurrection Overland Park

Meets Thursdays 6:15–8 pm for a live streamed testimony then an open share group. Overland Park Recovery is led by Sandy Thailing and Stephen Schuellein.

Resurrection West

Meets Thursdays 6:15–8 pm for a live streamed testimony then an open share group. West Recovery is led by Kate Melton.

Upcoming Recovery and Community Events

New class at Leawood starting January 12th, 2023. Click here for more details.


Recovery Ministry video 3-25-21

Recovery groups welcome anyone who has been affected by substance, drug or alcohol abuse or addictions of any kind, including those struggling with mental health concerns. Some groups are meeting in person and online.

Learn More About Resurrection Recovery Video

Resurrection Recovery Panel Discussion 9.8.22

Watch this video featuring a panel of experts discussing the topic of addiction, how the current opioid crisis is affecting the community and what we can do to combat its effects on ourselves and loved ones.

You will hear from individuals in Recovery, loved ones of individuals struggling with addiction, professionals treating addiction and local law enforcement.

Faith and Addiction: A Conversation of Hope

First Call led a conversation to offer education and support for the high need faith communities are finding regarding substance use and mental health. This conversation addresses language to reduces stigma in regarding addiction and offers resources to those seeking help in the Kansas City area.


Hear Additional Recovery Stories

Watch this conversation between Pastor Adam and Gary Mendell, a national leader in the addiction space and founder of Shatterproof, whose mission is to spare others the tragedy his family has suffered.

Click below to learn the most important concepts and facts regarding addiction.

JustFive: Addiction Recovery Education in Five Minutes

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Recovery

Have questions about what recovery is and how it works? Take a look at this video to learn what it's all about.

Resurrection Recovery: Special Guest Speaker Frank Boal

How does someone find hope in the midst of the tragic loss of a child? Frank Boal, sportscaster with Fox 4 KC and WHB 810 Radio, shares his personal story following the death of his son Brett in a car accident. He talks about Brett’s struggle with addiction and its impact on his family.

Dayton Moore on Addiction

The Kansas City Royals' general manager Dayton Moore spoke at Resurrection to raise awareness about the harmful effects of pornography and how to find hope after addiction. This event was part of our weekly Thursday Care Night programming.

The Johnson County Epidemic: Our Youth and Drugs

We are looking to our youth for answers to why addiction is growing in Johnson County. This conversation took place on Thursday, September 19 in the Student Center.