Pathways to Ministry

Explore your calling into vocational ministry.

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If you think God has called you to explore ministry as a career then this page is for you!  Whether you are still "exploring" or are ready to jump in and begin the journey to candidacy, we would love to meet with you and help you discern God's direction for your life.  We have resources available to prepare and equip you on this exciting pathway to ministry.

What are your next steps?

Steps to Explore Your Call

  1. Fill out the Explore Calling Information Form so we can learn more about your calling and how we can help you navigate your journey.
  2. Meet with Rev. Steve Langhofer to discuss your call to ministry.
  3. Read and discuss The Christian as Minister with Pastor Steve Langhofer (will be provided by the church).

Steps to Pursue Pastoral Ministry

If you have completed the steps above and want to pursue pastoral ministry in the United Methodist Church, these steps will help you on your journey.

  1. Meet with District Superintendent (DS), Rev. Anne Gatobu.
  2. Attend the Candidacy Summit in January or June (held twice each year). Note: You must be a member of the UM church for a year before attending the Summit.
  3. Connect with the Pathways to Ministry pastor, Rev. Steve Langhofer,  for next steps at Church of the Resurrection.
  4. Connect with Laura Gregory.

Interested in Learning About Seminary?

Financial Aid & Information

Seminary Scholarships & Grants

Learn more about our scholarships and grants on the Resurrection Foundation website.