Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an important part of our spiritual journey.

Submit a Prayer Request

Submit a Prayer Request

Submit a prayer request using our online request form or by calling the church office at 913-642-4400.

Online prayer requests are shared with the prayer team just as they are received; our prayer teams receive the requests with first names only and pray for each request for at least a week.

Prayer Before Surgery

Pastors are available to pray with you and your family before surgery, or during hospitalization. Please contact our office at (913) 642-4400 with the date, time and hospital where you will be having your surgery. Due to HIPAA regulations, the hospital will not call and inform the church of your hospitalization.

Pray for Others

Fred Kalush and family following the death of Joy Ann Kalush (mother), who died 4/4/2021

Connie Haldiman and family following the death of Burnell "Bernie" Craig Haldiman (husband), who died 4/7/2021

The family and friends of Larry D. Welch (other), who died 4/7/2021