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Share - One of the Five Essential Practices

Posted Jul 20, 2021

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Resurrection Overland Park,

You may have noticed recently that you are hearing more about the Five Essential Practices. These are at the heart of what we do as a church and what we hope that you are doing in your daily lives. These practices are Worship, Study, Serve, Give and Share.

While the first four are pretty easy to understand, “Share” often stands out as one that we struggle with. What does it mean to share our faith? How can we share in our daily lives? Pastor Scott talked about this in his message on Sunday. He pointed out that we all have influence, and as Christians, we are called to use that influence to help others experience the love of God. It’s actually easier than you might think!

This week we have about 1,500 kids participating in Vacation Bible Camp, and they are learning to share their faith with their friends – even by something as simple as inviting them to the Family Celebration Night this Friday! Here are some other ways for you to share your faith this week:

1) Invite a friend to come with you to church.

2) Post online about what you're learning in worship, during classes or as you're serving in the community. (Want bonus points? Include a photo and tag us – we love to see what you're up to!)

3) On Sunday, we handed out shopping bags with a list of school supplies attached. Pick up a few extra bags and ask your neighbors to participate with you in the Partner School Supply Drive.

Let us know additional ways you’ve found to share your faith with others! I hope to stop by the family event on Friday evening so Adalynn can attend her first VBC Celebration!

Pastor Joshua

Joshua Clough

Joshua Clough

Joshua is the campus pastor at Resurrection Overland Park. He runs marathons, and because he grew up in Seattle, drinks a lot of coffee.