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Sack Hunger With Us + February Classes

Posted Feb 1, 2022

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I was disappointed to watch the Chiefs lose the game this past weekend. I grew up playing every kind of sport and what I love most about sports is the axiom, “there’s always next year.” There’s always another chance to try again. I think that is true of our faith too; God provides another chance to us no matter our circumstances. This promise gives me hope!

This weekend we kicked off our Sack Hunger campaign which runs through February 19. Plan to return the brown grocery bags filled with food items to church on Sunday or donate online. Know that our donations go to fulfill the mission of the Food Pantry. You can find more information here. You’ve made a huge difference in the lives of many through our Food Pantry.

I’m excited about two new opportunities for connection coming our way. I’m leading a study that begins next week, Wednesday, February 9. It’s called Meet your Bible and will help you dig in a bit more and learn how to utilize your Bible. The class is six weeks, online, from 6:30 – 7:45 pm. Sign up here! And, on Monday, February 14 we are hosting a Valentine’s Day event called “Love Notes.” We’ve planned a fun evening with dinner, a game, and a jazz band for entertainment. We’ll provide childcare, but reservations are required. Sign up here.

I’m praying for you this week!

In Christ,


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Joshua Clough

Joshua Clough

Joshua serves as the Location Pastor for Resurrection Overland Park in Overland Park, KS. He runs marathons, and because he grew up in Seattle, drinks a lot of coffee.