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Looking Forward to What God Has in Store

Posted Jan 3, 2020

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Dear Resurrection Overland Park,

Happy New Year! A new year always brings promise, optimism, and a fresh start. I hope you are well on your way to those new year resolutions and new habits—start strong! I am looking forward to what God has in store for us in the coming year.

This weekend in worship Pastor Adam begins a new sermon series called What Would Jesus Say. We’ll discuss today’s critical issues, especially from the perspective of Millennials and Gen Z, and how we address those issues across generations. This weekend, we’ll ask the question, “What would Jesus say to our divided nation?” I think you’ll find the series engaging and enriching. Let’s begin the new year together. Bring a friend with you! You can also share this video on your social media.

In the new year we are initiating small groups for the winter/spring semester. This year, we want to emphasize the importance of small groups because they play an important role in spiritual growth. It is difficult to grow spiritually without connection to others. Consider joining a small group! Adult small groups kick off, Wednesday, January 22. There may be multiple groups that meet at various times and locations throughout the week, but we want to open the church for small groups to meet on Wednesday evenings at Resurrection Overland Park, especially if your group needs childcare. If you have questions, email

The groups will gather weekly from January 22 to April 8 to study, engage in social activities, and serve together. If you are interested in participating (or even if you are currently in a small group) follow this link to answer a few questions that will help us find the right group for you: click here.

This year is going to be a wonderful year. I'm privileged to be your campus pastor and I look forward to growing in faith and life with you this year. I hope you commit to new rhythms and habits that grow your faith in 2020. And, the best time to start is this weekend! By the way, you can start the year with 100% attendance. Here we go, 2020!


Joshua Clough

Joshua Clough

Joshua is the campus pastor at Resurrection Overland Park. He is a competitive runner, and because he grew up in Seattle, drinks a lot of coffee.