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Invited to be a Blessing to Others

Posted Nov 8, 2019

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Hello Resurrection Overland Park,

There is a lot happening this weekend! I cannot wait to celebrate one monumental moment in the life of our church and in the lives of our third graders. Sunday, we will present third grade Bibles to our first group of students. Last week, I signed each of these Bibles and prayed for every student by name, hoping they find the adventure of faith within its pages.

There is still one last chance to sign up your student so they can receive a Bible. If your student is an older elementary student but never received a Bible, we’d be happy to include them as well. Email by the end of today if you’d like your student to receive a Bible. It has been amazing to watch our KiDSCOR program grow throughout the fall. Thank you to our incredible volunteers who serve our kids. We can’t do this without you! I am also grateful to Lauren for her commitment, leadership, and passion for our students.

Sunday is also Commitment Weekend in worship. We invite all of our members to turn in their annual pledge cards as an expression of generosity and faithfulness in giving. As part of our worship service we take our cards and walk forward to the altar. It is a heartfelt, moving moment. Claire and I prayed about our commitment for this year, and as we did, we reflected on the ways in which God has blessed us, cared for us, and invited us to be a blessing to others. I’d like to invite you to join Claire and I in prayerfully considering your giving. If you are unable to join us in person, you can fill out the commitment card online:

Pastor Adam will continue our sermon series Contentment: Gratitude, Generosity, and Joy. As part of our time together, we will pause to acknowledge and give thanks to our Veterans. I invited two of our members who served or actively serve in the military to lead us in the reading of Scripture. I know it will be a meaningful weekend in worship.

Bring your JOY in Serving bags! You can drop them off before worship this weekend and next weekend, or you can bring them by during the week. As a church, we are providing meals for families this holiday season through the Food Pantry. We can also collect coats, hats, and warm weather gear. It is a wonderful opportunity to bless others throughout the holiday season. And speaking of the Food Pantry, we are getting excited about a re-dedication of the pantry on November 24 as we conclude our renovations. You are invited!

One last thing I want to celebrate with you. Last Monday we hosted our very first Resurrection Overland Park Blood Drive! It was also my first time ever giving blood. Needless to say, I was nervous! Fortunately, we had a bunch of incredible volunteers helping others give blood and serving pie. Only a few of you laughed at me and my goofiness. Our goal was to give 30 pints of blood... and we gave 34 pints! That is awesome! Our next Blood Drive will be in February.

In Christ,


Joshua Clough

Joshua Clough

Joshua is the campus pastor at Resurrection Overland Park. He is a competitive runner, and because he grew up in Seattle, drinks a lot of coffee.