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Commitment Weekend, Stewardship Mugs and More

Posted Nov 16, 2021

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Hi Resurrection Overland Park,

I learned one of the most impactful lessons about tithing and giving from my dad. When I was ten or twelve years old, I started mowing yards and managed to claim most of the street as clients. I was doing pretty well for a young kid. It was great! My dad sat me down and helped me understand his practice of giving back to the church and others. He told me that he tries to give one dollar to the church for every ten dollars he makes. I swallowed the lump in my throat, my cash in hand, realizing what this would cost me. He asked me, “what really matters to you?” He invited me to consider my priorities and how I invested in my faith. I never forgot his lesson. Along the way, I discovered that giving makes a difference, and it transformed my life.

Our Commitment Weekend is coming up. I want to invite you to consider your giving by filling out your 2022 pledge. It is through your tithing and giving that all our ministries at Resurrection Overland Park are possible, including our worship, ministries to children, young people, and adults, all our caring ministries, mission ministries, and so much more. This week, Claire and I will sit down together and pray for God to lead us and guide us in our giving. The first time we did this together, we were a bit nervous. We had student loans and other bills to pay. But, we felt compelled to return to God the first 10% of our earning. Every year we return to this prayer, I find God blesses us profoundly and usually in many ways beyond just our finances. I want to invite you to prayerfully consider your giving, too.

As you pray, I’d like to invite you to fill out a pledge card. Then, on Sunday, we’ll celebrate your commitment during worship. As a small thank you, we want to give you one of our new 2022 coffee mugs. You can pick those up after each Sunday worship service (November 21 - December 5) and from 12:30 - 2 pm at our location this Sunday (8412 W. 95th). Also, Advent begins November 28. If you did not get one last year, we'd like to provide an advent wreath that you can use in your home. You can pick one up when you pick up your Stewardship mug on November 21.

When I think about your incredible generosity, I cannot help but give thanks for the opportunity to serve as your pastor! I am grateful for you!

In Christ,


Joshua Clough

Joshua Clough

Joshua serves as the Location Pastor for Resurrection Overland Park in Overland Park, KS. He runs marathons, and because he grew up in Seattle, drinks a lot of coffee.