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Wednesday 2/21

6/7/8th Grade Youth Group

6:15-7:45 pm, Student Center, Building C

Join Taylor Ogden Thomas for 6th-8th grade youth group as we start a 2-week series called “Pair-A-Whaaat?”, a fun look at some of our favorite parables that Jesus told.  Grab a pal and see you there!

High School Youth Group

8:00-9:15 pm, Student Center, Building C

For high school youth group Dave MaGee begins a two-week series called "Better Together". While faith needs to be personal, it is not meant to be private.  We are called to live out our faith in community as the body of Christ.  This series will help students be intentional about seeking to live out their faith and lives with others in community.

Thursday 2/22

Breakfast and Bible Study

High School Students: 7:45-8:30 am at Winstead's by the church. Bring your Bible and your appetite as we share in a meal and start our day with some Bible Study – we are currently in the midst of a multi-week study on what the Bible says about prayer and how to pray – come join us!

Friday 2/23


Confirmation Retreat from 5:30-10:30 pm (for those registered)

Please drop off students in the Sanctuary (Building A) at 5:30 pm.

Parents are invited to join us for worship and message at 9:00 pm in the Student Center. Pick up will be at 10:30 pm in the Student Center, Building C.

Sunday 2/25

Sunday School (6th-12th Grade)

9:15-10:30 am, Student Center, Building C

11 am-12:15 pm, room C050 (downstairs in building C)

     rezlife 2018 Summer Mission Trips and Camps

Date Grade/Age Event Type Notes
June 18-236th-8th gradeYouthfront West CampRegister Here
July 16-207th-8th gradeSurge KCMission TripRegister Here

June 16-21high school & 2018 gradsChicagoMission TripRegister Here
June 24-29high school & 2018 gradsDallasMission TripRegister Here
July 8-14high school & 2018 gradsHigh School CampHigh School Camp in  TennesseeRegister Here
July 22-27high school & 2018 gradsDenverMission TripRegister Here
July 22-2910th-12th grades & 2018 gradsHondurasMission TripApplications available now!

2018 rezlife Medical Form:

In order to participate in any rezlife event/trip, each student will need to complete an online rezlife medical form. Once the form has been completed, it is valid through the end of 2018 for ALL events.

To access and complete the form, CLICK HERE (if you filled out an online rezlife medical form in 2017, you will need to complete a new form in 2018).

  • Scroll down and select the 2018 rezlife Medical Form in the Event Listings.
  • When you select “Register Now-Individual Registration” you’ll be asked to provide your ABC Signup email address and password (used to register your student for the event/trip).
  • Select the appropriate student for the event.
  • You will need to complete one form per student.
  • In January of 2019, you will need to complete a new form.

Each student is required to have a completed form on file at least 2 weeks prior to a rezlife event/trip.


Rezlife offers scholarships for most of our retreats, camps, and mission trips.  We do not offer scholarships for  our special event type trips such as Totally Tubular and/or the Branson Trip.  Download and complete the form.  You can return the form by mail, drop it off at the rezlife office or give it directly to one of the rezlife staff members. Contact for more information.

Safe Gatherings

We take safety and accountability very seriously, so all of our volunteers who work with children, students, persons with special needs, or our seniors, or who participate with our partner schools, serve trips, or as a Congregational Care Minister are required to become certified by the Safe Gatherings program.

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