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Welcome to rezlife! 

You might wonder why we call our student ministries this name. "Rezlife" is short for "resurrection life." The concept is pretty simple - we all know people who are alive, but who don't act like it. They're bitter, mean to others, gossip and seem to have no moral compass. But we also know people who are full of life. They're kind, patient, hopeful and seem to magnetize the people around them.

What we've seen is that Jesus seems to make us more into the latter kind of person - a person full of resurrection life. And our program dreams of helping students become more like these kinds of people, too. Every game, every event, every goofball idea... it's all to help our students be more like their "resurrection" selves: their best selves. We hope this year will be one of the most ALIVE yet!

- Pastor Chris

Get to Know Us

This is your rezlife team!


Chris Abel

Pastor of Students and Young Adults

Chris Abel, pastor of Students and Young Adults at Resurrection, is a United Methodist Elder from the Missouri Conference who describes himself as a "Pastor Creative-type Adventurer." A former atheist turned passionate follower of Christ, he completed his seminary... Keep Reading

Taylor Ogden Thomas

Care and Development Program Director

Coming soon!Keep Reading

Todd Davidson

Middle School Program Director

I am the Director of Middle School Ministries at Resurrection Leawood! Many of you have probably met or seen me around Resurrection in the last 6 years. I am the father of two boys and the grateful husband to my Dentist wife, Lindsay. We live in a 120-year-old home... Keep Reading

Ashley Morgan Kirk

High School Pastor

Ashley Morgan Kirk, High School Pastor at rezlife Leawood, is a newly ordained United Methodist Elder from the Missouri Conference.After seven years of formal higher education in religion, including a Bachelor's in Religion from Greenville University and a Master of... Keep Reading

Deborah Comstock

Event & Volunteer Program Director

Deborah likes to refer to herself as a party planner for Jesus. She plans events for students in 6th - 12th grade, everything thing from retreats, mission trips, camps and other fun events.If you want to get connected and volunteer with youth, she's the person... Keep Reading

Darci Iandolo

Coordinating Assistant to Student Ministries

Darci serves part-time as a Coordinating Assistant in rezlife Student Ministries. She basically is the “eyes and ears” of the department.Darci helps support the weekly youth group programs and assists in the development of all rezlife retreats, events and... Keep Reading

Angie Tindle

Coordinating Assistant for Student Ministries

Angie serves as the Student Ministries Coordinating Assistant. She has three amazing children, Jacob, Aiden and Jolee, and wonderful and supportive husband, Jason. She has lived in the Johnson County area for over 40 years and is actively involved in the community... Keep Reading

Nick Kaufmann

Worship Leader for Students and Children

Shalom!As I get older I try to be who I needed when I was younger. It helps me relate to students. I believe in building community with our students. It is a community that builds upon a foundation of Jesus Christ's values in life. I believe in guiding students as... Keep Reading

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