Stand Together KC

Local leaders want to share a message that the Kansas City community is standing together against racism, religious persecution, hate and violence.

Leaders of faith in the Kansas City community are coming together to discuss what we can do to stand up for our neighbors and against the hate and intimidation espoused by groups who promote racism, religious persecution, hate and violence.

“Our goal,” Church of the Resurrection Senior Pastor Adam Hamilton explains, “is that our community be informed about these groups, and encouraged to stand together in the face of the kind of fear, intimidation and hate these groups foster.” The Kansas City area has seen this hate firsthand in the killing of Dr. William Corporon, Reit Underwood, and Terri LaManno in 2014 and Srinivas Kuchibhotla earlier this year.

Through information, experiences and discussions, we hope to help people identify what it looks like to stand together and to articulate a response when they hear degrading remarks, to renounce intolerance, and to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Watch the recording of the Stand Together KC Forum with Rev. Emanuel Cleaver III, Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff, and Rev. Adam Hamilton (October 1, 2017).

Stand Together Commitment

Stand Together Opportunities

Join us on Tuesday nights at Resurrection Leawood for the "And Then They Came for Me" class, October 3-24, 6:30-8:30 pm in Room B206. The series will include events from our own country's history with a focus on social justice in the U.S. Presentations include the Japanese-American internment camps, the forced removal of American Indian nations known as the Trail of Tears, and the history of lynching in the American south.

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Stand Together Kc
Our community continues to show that we are the heart of America, and as such, we will demonstrate that love can conquer hate.
Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff