Volunteer Hub - Application and Resources

Resurrection invites volunteers to live out the essential practice of serving others both inside and outside the church walls.

Scripture and United Methodist tradition remind us of the priority God places on human life and how we treat one another. Valuing people and serving them well requires that the safety of children and vulnerable adults is embedded in the way we conduct ourselves in service to others.

Volunteers who serve on governance committees or regularly participate in church-sponsored ministries serving children, students, vulnerable or elder adults, whether on- or off-site, are required to complete a volunteer application and the Safe Gatherings certification process. The application includes consent to conduct a background check on all applicants age 16 and up.

For volunteers under the age of 18, an application should be completed by a parent or guardian.

Step 1: fill out our volunteer application. After you submit your completed application, you will receive an email confirmation with more information.

Begin Volunteer Application

Here are the documents you will be asked to review and acknowledge as part of the application:

A Report of Suspected Abuse should be promptly filed if you have a good faith concern about the safety of a child or vulnerable adult participating in church-sponsored ministries.

For questions about the Safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy or to report suspected violations of policies, laws, or ethical standards, contact Kate Wood, our Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management Lead Director.

Step 2: check your email for information about how to begin the Safe Gatherings certification and training process. NOTE: Safe Gatherings will require additional information to conduct background and reference checks.