Prayer Tip: Do You Still Not Understand?

Posted Mar 11, 2018

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Daily Scripture

Mark 8:14-21

14 Now the disciples had forgotten to bring any bread; and they had only one loaf with them in the boat. 15 And he cautioned them, saying, “Watch out—beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod.” 16 They said to one another, “It is because we have no bread.” 17 And becoming aware of it, Jesus said to them, “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not perceive or understand? Are your hearts hardened? 18 Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? And do you not remember? 19 When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of broken pieces did you collect?” They said to him, “Twelve.” 20 “And the seven for the four thousand, how many baskets full of broken pieces did you collect?” And they said to him, “Seven.” 21 Then he said to them, “Do you not yet understand?”

Prayer Tip

My least favorite subject in school was Math. It was the one class I always dreaded going to. I vividly remember sitting at my desk with the professor trying to explain the different types of integrals and methods to our class over and over, only to have this sorrowful feeling of hopelessness inside me.

“Do you not understand?” When Jesus miraculously fed over five thousand people, his very own followers forgot what it meant. I wonder if they were still distracted by the limited resources they had at the time or overwhelmed by the large crowd, fearing that they were not able to feed so many people.

So often, we are distracted by our own challenges and fears. Mark reminds us during this season of Lent to keep our eyes on Jesus, that we might be more fully aware and equipped for the challenges we have yet to face. Prayer is one major way to keep our eyes on Jesus.


Too often we get distracted from our fears or our past mistakes. Help us to stay connected to you, giving us eyes to see and ears to hear.


 - Tino Herrera, Congregational Care Pastor

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