SevenDays 2019: OTHERS Day

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Join Faith Always Wins Foundation and SevenDays as Mindy Corporon interviews two reformed white supremacists: Christian Picciolini and Shannon Martinez.

Refreshments will be provided following the presentation. More information on Christian and Shannon is provided below!

SevenDays was founded in 2014 following the tragic shootings of Terri LaManno and Resurrection members William Corporon and Reat Underwood.

Christian Picciolini

Christian Picciolini is an MSNBC contributor, an Emmy Award-winning director and producer, a published author, TEDx speaker, global peace advocate... and a reformed extremist. His work and his life's purpose bear witness to a deep desire to atone for his grisly past, and reveal an urgency to transform the hurts and wounds he inflicted into vehicles for profound healing. Christian tenaciously works to use the redemption he has been offered to make the world a better, more peace-filled place.

Shannon Martinez

Shannon is a public speaker, a writer, a counter-extremism associate at Goldmill Group, and a member of the Institute For Strategic Dialogue's steering committee for the Against Violent Extremism (AVE) Network, which helps people connect with peer interveners and work through their transition out of violent extremism. Because of Shannon's experiences in a hate group as a youth and the harm she brought upon others during that part of her life, she is committed to helping dismantle the culture of white supremacy.

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