Ring in the Spring 2021

  • When: Sat, Feb 27 @ 9:00 am
  • Cost: $10
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If you are signed up for the workshop on Saturday, you should have now received an email with the log on information from Gwen.Gepford@cor.org. If you do not see that email, call or text Gwen at 913-284-9641

Join clinicians Jason Krug, Brian Childers, Marilyn Lake, and Brenda Austin online for a day of all-things handbells. We will look at what music is out there from Beckenhorst Press and Hope Publishing Companies. Jason Krug will present a showcase of titles that can be rung without sharing bells while social distancing. For you ringers, Marilyn Lake will have a fun handbell technique refresher and Brian Childers will give us suggestions on the best practices for music marking. Classes will begin with a pre-recorded session from your clinician and end with a live Q&A time. Jason Krug will take us through a live interactive session on the process of writing and publishing a piece.

Cost: $10 per person

Please register and pay individually. This will allow us to send each person their own online link.



In addition to learning sessions, we will be hearing pieces throughout the day from some of our groups that have been able to ring during this pandemic.


HOPE Publishing Company - Clinician: Brenda Austin

Enjoy a showcase of new music presented by Brenda Austin, handbell editor at Hope Publishing Company.

The Zen of Music Marking – Clinician: Brian Childers

With thanks to the late Donald Allured and “Mastering Musicianship in Handbells”

Strategies for clean and clear music marking for director’s and ringers scores, including a step by step guide and deeper dive into score study and prep.

Handbell Technique Review – Clinician: Marilyn Lake

Marilyn Lake here – purveyor of all things bells and chimes and drums…and other stuff! In typical educational style, let’s gather to work on bell techniques…but let’s use FOUND SOUNDS to practice with…spoons, Waterford wine glasses (OK, maybe NOT Waterford 😊) dowels…and we’ll add other “instruments” as well to round out your musical expertise! A copy of the class lesson plan will be available to you on the Ring in the Spring web site for you to download and follow. This can been a little challenging to make music while on virtual classes, but Bell Ringers are dedicated folks and the JOY of Music hasn’t been snuffed out one little bit! See you on line!

Making Music with Small Ensembles – Clinician: Jason Krug

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, small groups of handbell musicians are more vital to worship than ever before. Learn ways these smaller ensembles can add music to worship, from non-notated ways to augment a church service, all the way through prepared pieces for 8, 12, or more bells!

The Publishing Process, Start to Finish – Clinician: Jason Krug

The process of how a piece of music shows up in the world can feel shrouded in mystery. Come along on an interactive journey from first musical ideas all the way through to finished product.

Beckenhorst Handbells Showcase – Clinician: Jason Krug

Come along as we take a look at some of the newest releases from Beckenhorst Press, featuring titles that can be rung by smaller ensembles, or by larger ensembles without the need to share bells!

Third Bell on the Right will be showcasing their virtual store during our lunch break. Shop for those unique handbell gifts!


  • All registration and payment can be completed on-line. If you need to register or pay by mail, please contact Gwen Gepford at 913-284-9641.
  • Each person should register and pay individually to allow us to send you your own online link. Cost is $10 per person.
  • Registration deadline is February 25, 2021.
  • Like us on facebook for up-to-date info. From your own facebook page, search for Ring in the Spring – Church of the Resurrection. Ask to join.
  • Contact Gwen at (913) 284-9641 or gwen.gepford@cor.org with any questions.


Due to the low cost of the event, no refunds will be made for cancellations.

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