Public Health Response Volunteers Needed

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Saturday, February 22


Building B, Foundry

During this simulation, Johnson County Dept of Health and Environment (JDCHE) and Church of the Resurrection (Resurrection) will be testing their abilities to respond to a major public health emergency. This scenario focuses on a widespread Anthrax exposure, requiring medication to be dispensed to every resident of Johnson County in approximately 24 hours. During a real event, several dispensing sites will be set up throughout Johnson County, including one at Resurrection's Leawood Campus. Volunteers will be needed to support medication dispensing operations.

No experience or certification is necessary, and all training will be provided onsite at the time of the event. This exercise will allow JCDHE and Resurrection to test existing response plans and identify areas for improvement. Your participation in this exercise will strengthen Resurrection's ability to respond to the needs of the community and act as a stabilizing presence during a time of uncertainty and need.

Additionally, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be in attendance to test a new program they have developed for the very first time. We will run two separate drills – one with the CDC’s program, and one with JCDHE’s existing process. We are hoping to compare the two systems to see which is more effective, easier to use, etc.

Volunteers participating in this exercise can expect to be walking and standing as they move through the training scenario, though there is nothing strenuous required. The ability to use a smart phone and download an App to test this process is necessary for volunteers wishing to serve.

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