2022 Holy Land Trip

  • When: Tue, Feb 15 - Thu, Feb 24
  • Cost: Starting at $3,998
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Preregistration is NOW FULL. If you were able to preregister you will be notified by email if you made the cut-off by May 11th.

Join Pastor Adam Hamilton on the Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus Holy Land trip scheduled for February 15-24, 2022. For more details about this trip, download the brochure.

Trip Schedule

February 15

Depart Kansas City today for your flights to Tel Aviv, Israel.

February 16

Arrive in Tel Aviv this afternoon and transfer to your hotel in Bethlehem. Enjoy dinner and a good night's sleep.

February 17

Today visit the cave where Jesus was born and the church that has been constructed on the site (Matthew 1: 18-25; Luke 2: 1-7). Nearby, you will view Shepherds’ Field where the Good News was first heard. Visit the Herodion, the fortified palace and final resting place of Herod the Great, constructed before Christ's birth and the only structure named for Herod in the Holy Land. This afternoon visit Bethlehem Bible College for a lecture on the Palestinian perspective to the Middle East conflict. Dinner and overnight at your hotel.

February 18

Depart Bethlehem today and travel to the Jordan Valley for a moving time of remembering our baptisms at Qasr el Yahud, the likely area where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Continue to Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. Visit nearby Jericho and ascend the Wadi Qelt for a time of quiet reflection in the Wilderness. Explore the massive excavations at Beit Shean, a city continuously inhabited for over 5,000 years. Continue north through the Jordan to your beautiful hotel offering tremendous views from above the Sea of Galilee.

February 19

Travel to Capernaum, the center of Jesus' ministry in Galilee. Stand in the ruins of the synagogue built on the remains of the own where Jesus taught (Matt:4). See the other excavations, including where Peter's house is thought to have been located. Continue to Magdala, once home to Mary Magdalene. With your Bible in hand, sail the waters of the Sea of Galilee and along the way, participate in a special onboard worship service. See a 2,000-year-old sailing vessel that was discovered and preserved at kibbutz Nof Ginosar. This rare find is on the type of boat which Jesus and the disciples would have used. Finish your day at Mt. Arbel for a walk along its peak for a view of the Sea of Galilee and the area in which Jesus ministered.

February 20

Begin your day in Nazareth, Jesus' boyhood home (Matthew 2:23), to visit the Church of the Annunciation and experience modern-day Nazareth. Visit Sepphoris, the cosmopolitan Roman Capital of Galilee until Herod Antipas built Tiberias. Visit Sepphoris, the cosmopolitan Roman capital of Galilee until Herod Antipas built Tiberias. It is heralded as the traditional birthplace of Mary. Continue into the West Bank and past Tel Dothan, thought to be the place where Joseph found his brothers with their flocks (Genesis 37). Continue to Samaria, the capital of the Northern Kindom, and home to Ahab and Jezebel. Trace the route of the Holy Family through the West Bank and visit modern-day Nablus (ancient Shechem) and see Jacob's well where Christ encountered the Samaritan woman (John 4). From Nablus, see Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim where the Israelites recited the blessings and cursing of the Law. Continue to Jerusalem for overnight.

February 21

Stand atop the Mount of Olives as Jesus did and enjoy a remarkable view of the "Golden City" of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock and descend with Palms. Outside of the modern city walls, visit the City of David and journey through time to see the Pool of Siloam, where Jesus healed the blind man (John 9). Walk the Pilgrim Road before arriving at the Temple Walls and the Davidson Museum. View the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-31) where Jesus performed the Sabbath miracle, and stand in the Upper Room, revered as the place of the Last Supper (Mark 14:12-26). At Dominus Flevit Church ("the cry of the Lord"), visit the place where Jesus mourned for Jerusalem because "the days will come upon you when your enemies will...dash you to the ground." (Luke19:41-44).

February 22

Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus prayed (Matt. 26:36-44). Continue to Mount Zion to visit the House of the High Priest Caiaphas where Jesus was imprisoned for a night (Matt. 26:57-65). Visit Herod’s Antonia Fortress where Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate (Luke 23: 1-11). Walk the Via Dolorosa, "the Way of the Cross," and stand in reverence at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Finally, visit the Garden Tomb, and experience the reality of the Resurrection.

February 23

Visit the Dome of the Rock, spend time in the Old City shopping or visit the Israel Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust memorial of Israel. You may choose to visit Masada (additional charge). Ascend by cable car to Masada, Herod's legendary mountaintop fortress which became the last desperate stronghold of the Jewish Zealots against the Romans. You can still look down on the remains of the Roman camps and the siege ramp below. Return to Jerusalem. After dinner transfer to the airport for your evening flight or overnight in Jerusalem if participating in the Jordan extension.

February 24

Return to the USA.

Note: Please be advised that COVID 19 vaccinations may be required for this trip. Also, medical insurance for international travel may be required.

Preregistration is NOW FULL. If you were able to preregister you will be notified by email if you made the cut-off by May 11th.

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