Coffee with the Pastors

You can become a member of Church of the Resurrection at any of our quarterly classes.

Coffee with the Pastors is a casual gathering where you can learn about the history of Resurrection, hear from our pastors about the beliefs and traditions of the United Methodist Church, and get to know the church a bit better.

You will also get to meet your Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs), connect with fellow Resurrection worshippers and learn about opportunities to serve, connect and grow!

After you've met our pastors and learned about the church, there is a short break, followed by an optional membership ceremony for those who decide they want to take that next step and join Resurrection.

Membership Expectations

We have five expectations for our members. Each of these expectations is intended to help you continue your faith journey towards becoming deeply-committed Christians. We believe fulfilling these commitments will change your life in powerful ways and will bring you meaning and joy.

Worship Each Weekend

Worship with us each weekend - in person when possible. Attending worship weekly gives you an opportunity to re-center your life, give God honor and glory, and remember what is really important in life. In worship, you grow to know God more deeply, and you express your love to God. If you are sick or out of town, we encourage you to worship online.

Grow in Faith

Grow in your faith outside of worship through study or a small group. Taking a class such as Embark, Alpha or Journey 101, or joining a small group will contribute to your faith journey by helping you make friends - knowing just one or two other people makes a church feel more like home. These classes are designed to help you know God through studying the Bible or other books that offer great teaching and insights. Small groups often grow to seem like families as the groups strive to know, love and serve God together.

Use Your Gifts

Serve by using your gifts and talents both inside and outside the walls of the church. Each of us is given spiritual gifts and natural abilities that we can use to serve others and glorify God. The church is the Body of Christ, and each of us is a member of the Body. We are all invited to carry on Christ’s mission in the world, to meet the needs of the people. Whether you are gifted in teaching, helping, encouraging or something else, God is counting on you to touch the lives of others as you serve God.

Give Regularly

Give in proportion to your income, with the tithe (10%) as your goal. Giving regularly not only supports the work of the church, but also is your way of giving God priority in your life. One way to determine what people really care about is to review where they spend their money. Sometimes life circumstances mean we cannot give regularly, but when we are able to do so, it deepens our faith as we love and serve God through our giving.

Share Your Faith

Share your faith with others through words and actions. We are called to share our good news with others. Often we think this means awkward conversations, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be like that. Sharing your faith with those around you through words and actions helps us grow deeper in our love for God and others.

We have a number of places to get started at Church of the Resurrection.

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