Baptism is a meaningful and memorable occasion, a sacrament of our faith.

Register for Baptism Class

Who should be baptized?

People of all ages can be baptized at Resurrection. Non-members are encouraged to seek membership as soon as possible after being baptized. We baptize by sprinkling Holy Water and making the sign of the cross on the forehead with anointing oil to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit. Once a year, we hold a baptism by immersion worship service in the Memorial Garden at our Leawood location.

The United Methodist Church recognizes baptisms from other faiths and churches and therefore does not re-baptize people, but we do encourage people to attend a special baptism worship service to remember their baptisms.

When do baptisms occur?

Sprinkling and anointing with oil occur during all worship services on select Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. Four times each year, we have special baptism services in the Wesley Covenant Chapel for up to 30 people to be baptized.

How do I schedule a baptism?

All baptisms are scheduled through online registration. To register for a baptism date, you will need your registration access code from the baptism class confirmation email.

Step One: Register for a baptism class. In this class, one of our pastors discusses the history, theology, meaning and responsibilities of baptism and its associated membership in the church. Our classes will be offered via Zoom for the foreseeable future. You will receive the link to sign in on the Monday prior to your scheduled class time.

Step Two: For safety during COVID restrictions, we are offering small baptism services. As dates for these become available and/or when we are able to resume baptisms during worship, those on our waiting list will be notified about available dates. Please add your name to the waiting list (we will contact those on the wait list in the order requests are received).

Recording Your Baptism

We record video of the baptisms in each worship service and make those videos available for family to download.

The week following the baptism, the Baptism video should be available on our Vimeo page. If your family’s Baptism video isn’t on the first page, search by clicking on the search icon above the videos.

To share on social media or by email:

  • Click on the “share” button on the upper right corner of the video.
  • Select the social media option to post the video or enter an email address.

To download to your computer, phone or tablet:

  • At the bottom right of the video, there is link that starts with a # symbol, followed by "” and then a series of numbers (for example: "#"). Click that link.
  • Click the download button under the video title.
  • Select the format you would like to download.

If you have any questions, please contact our Baptism Coordinator by emailing

In the sermon below, Pastor Adam explores the meaning of baptism in the scripture and for our lives today. You will see him preaching live from the location of Jesus’ baptism, the Jordan River.