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Posted Sep 24, 2017

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This week's Small Group Guide is composed of questions from this week's GPS Guide. The questions relate to the Scripture for that particular day. You can download the full week's GPS as a printable document for the context of each question below (in the printable version, the recommended small group questions are marked with a special bullet point).

From Monday's Reading: Acts 3:1-16, 9:32-42

Tabitha (or Dorcas— Greek for “gazelle”) may not have been much of a preacher, but God equipped her to sew, and gave her a heart for the poor. The “show and tell” time in Acts 9:39 is a deeply touching scene. Tabitha loved people, lived out her love through her gifts, and influenced a whole city so well that God used Peter to help her live out her ministry longer. What are you able to do that God can use to bless others?

From Tuesday's Reading: Acts 4:1-14, 12:1-17

The religious leaders didn’t think having been followers of Jesus was a compliment. But, across the centuries, the effect of that on the apostles can inspire and challenge us. What was it about Peter and John’s actions and attitude that reminded Annas and Caiaphas of Jesus? In what ways can you be a follower of Jesus, so that you can experience the power Peter and John drew on?

From Wednesday's Reading: Acts 10:1-29

Even after his vision (repeated three times) and the Spirit’s direction to go with his visitors, Peter still seemed unsure. Verses 27-28 of the story suggest that meeting a large group of Gentiles eager to hear the gospel was his “aha!” moment. Have you ever had a contact or experience that broke through some prejudice of yours, and opened your eyes to God’s inclusive mission in the world?

From Friday's Reading: Galatians 2:6-16

Paul believed Jesus had given him a life mission to lead Gentiles to faith in Jesus. If “first class” Jewish Christians avoided “second-class” Gentile Christians, then Gentiles weren’t really welcome in God’s family at all. Paul said that couldn’t be right because “no one will be made righteous by the works of the Law,” by externals. Which good behaviors are you or other Christians you know tempted to trust in? What helps you avoid rank ordering other Christians from “excellent” to “not so good”?

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Whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith, or you’re a long-time Christian, we want to do everything we can to help you on your journey to know, love and serve God. The GPS (Grow, Pray, Study) Guide provides scripture and insights to enhance your journey.