Global Impact Scholarships

The Church of the Resurrection wants everyone to be able to participate in serve trips, regardless of their financial means. Serve trips are an excellent way to grow in faith, serve God’s people, break down barriers between cultures, and develop wonderful, long-lasting friendships. Because service is so important in our community, we make need-based scholarships available to those who otherwise would not be able to take part in our global ministries.

What you need to know about the scholarship process

The first step is to submit an application for the serve trip you want to join; scholarships are available for both international and U.S. serve trips.

After you have been accepted to the serve trip -  download, fill out and submit the scholarship application. Your application and all references must be received by the Global Impact Ministries office no later than 120 days before the trip departure date.

To be eligible to receive a scholarship, you must attend all trip training meetings, complete all paperwork in a timely manner, have a valid passport on hand, and have funds available to cover the balance of your trip fees.

All scholarship applicants are required to raise funds for their trip; please read the Fundraising Guidelines before you begin. The final scholarship award will be made after you deposit all the funds you have raised to your trip account. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to limit the funds awarded and applicants should be prepared to pay any costs in excess of raised funds and scholarship awards.

Within two weeks after you return from your trip, you will be required to submit a written testimony about your trip, including a 3-5 minute video, which may be used in social media and reporting by Global Impact Ministries and Church of the Resurrection.

If you have more questions about the scholarship process, contact Angie Tindle.