Waypoint (Online Groups for Men)

  • When: Thu, Dec 17 @ 7:00 pm
  • Repeats: Weekly on Thursday
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Small groups for men who are looking to meet from the comfort of home and still be engaged in growing deeper in their Christian lives.

A waypoint is defined as a stopping place on a journey. Men are on different journeys of life and spiritual understanding so it is helpful, no matter what path you're on, to have a waypoint to stop and assess your surroundings and adjust your course. This group will be focused on developing small groups of men that are looking to meet once a week from the comfort of home or where ever they choose, but to be engaged in living a Godly life.

Given the gathering will be online the possibility of members from different campus’ joining a group is made more simple and encouraged. Participants will need to have a computer, smartphone or iPad in order to be able to access the Zoom app. https://zoom.us/j/634319787