Disaster Response

Storm Clean-up

As folks begin to recover from recent Hurricanes, Resurrection is working through the Florida Annual Conference, ReHace (Re-building Communities with Hope) in Puerto Rico, and local United Methodist churches to determine how we can best help. Additionally, we are working with the Alaska Annual Conference to respond to severe storm damage. Alaska is on the cusp of winter so basic repairs are needed for safety. If you are interested in helping you can contribute to our Disaster Response Fund, which allows the church to quickly respond to disasters in the US and around the world. Resurrection has already sent funds to the Florida Annual Conference and to ReHace in Puerto Rico to meet immediate emergency needs.

If you are interested in serving, please fill out this information form Disaster Response Fall 2022 Interest Form, and we will contact you with more details.


Support Ukraine

Along with you, we are watching what is happening in the Ukraine and feeling helpless. While we are praying for everyone involved, we are also working with Methodists in the Ukraine in response to the Russian invasion. At their request, we have sent funds to support efforts to house and feed those that have had to flee their homes. You can donate to our disaster response ministry HERE.

Learn more and see updates.

Be Prepared

When disaster strikes, you may not have much time to respond. A spill of hazardous material could mean immediate evacuation. A winter storm could confine your family at home. An earthquake, tornado or any other disaster could cut off basic services — gas, water, electricity and telephone — for days.

After a disaster, local officials and relief workers will not be able to reach everyone immediately. Help could come in hours, or it may take days. Will your family be ready?

Visit Prepare Metro KC to see what you can do in advance of a disaster so that when it strikes, you are not only prepared, but you can help ease the burden on the emergency management system because you were equipped.

Visit Prepare Metro KC

Preparing for Disaster Response Trips & Rebuilding Trips

Safe Gatherings is the United Methodist Church's Great Plains Annual Conference training for the protection of minors and vulnerable adults. Safe Gatherings certification is required on all overnight trips. This online course takes very little time but the background check can take several weeks to process. Learn more about the Safe Gatherings process and begin your certification here.

Many of the immediate needs of emergency relief are being addressed by organizations like the United Methodist Committee on ReliefHeart to Heart InternationalTeam Rubicon as well as others who are faithfully responding at this critical time. We as a church family need to begin to prepare ourselves for the long-term recovery efforts, which may take months or even years.

Have a conversation with your doctor about what immunizations you might need for a trip.

Additional Disaster Response Ministry Volunteer Opportunities:

ERT Volunteer (Early Response Volunteer)

ERT Volunteer (Early Response Volunteer) – as an ERT, you are not the first responder (medical, electric company, fire department, local CERT are the first responders) but after the area is declared safe and survivors are found, this is the first group that comes in to clear debris, tarp roofs, etc.

Time Commitment:

  • 8 hour certification class
  • Availability to respond shortly after disaster strikes locally and regionally for either a day trip or multi-day trip.

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Disaster Response Communications & Marketing

Advertise disaster response volunteer opportunities to the church, campuses, small groups, etc.  Help recruit and engage new people into the disaster response ministry.  As people reach out, help place them into the area that most fits their gifts and skills.

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Reconstruction/Recovery Trip Participant

Join a short-term serve trip in the region (generally 10 hour drive or closer) to help rebuild after a disaster has been cleaned up of debris.  Participants may muck out homes from a flood, tear out walls, put up drywall, mud & tape, help with cabinetry or hanging doors, re-tile, etc.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend a 2-4 hour training prior to trip departure.
  • Participate in a 4-7 day reconstruction/recovery trip.
  • Become Safe Gatherings Certified (if not already)

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Reconstruction/Recovery Trip Leader

Lead a team of 6-10 people on a trip to help re-build after a disaster.  Good leadership, communication, safety awareness, faith, organization (yet flexible) skills needed for this position.  Must be recommended by previous team leader and staff.

Time Commitment:

  • Have participated in a Resurrection Reconstruction Trip previously
  • Attend a Team Leader Training
  • Attend a 2-4 hour training prior to trip departure
  • Participate in a 4-7 day reconstruction/recovery trip
  • Become Safe Gatherings Certified (if not already)

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Heavy Equipment Coordinator

Keep equipment ready for immediate use including upkeep on the trailer, lift, chainsaws, etc.  Train people on chainsaw, skidloader and lift usage.

Trainers must have completed Resurrection training and have shown competency in area that they will train.

Work with others to ensure trailers are equipped and ready to deploy including, but not limited to restocking masks, tarps, etc.  Maintaining and repairing chainsaws and other equipment.

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Chainsaw Ministry

Become chainsaw trained, then join other members of this team as needed.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend a 4 hour chainsaw training and safety course.
  • ERT Training may be required to deploy.
  • As available assist in:
    • Short trips where ERT’s are needed to clear debris post-disaster
    • Local homeowners that can’t afford tree removal after a storm
    • Recovery week-long trips to continue clearing property post disaster.

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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Volunteer

Want to help respond to a disaster that takes place in our community?  CERT volunteers work under the leadership of the local fire department or emergency management to support a disaster in your local community.

Time Commitment:

  • CERT Training – approx. 8 2-hour trainings.  Occasional meetings (depending upon which county you reside).

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Red Cross Shelter Staff Manager

Be trained by the Red Cross to help manage the Shelter if there is an event and Resurrection (or possibly other local facility) is turned into a shelter.

Time Commitment:

  • Red Cross Shelter Training
  • If there is an event, availability to run (or help run) the Shelter

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Donations Management & Kit Coordinator

If there’s a nearby disaster and Resurrection is a Donation center, help lead the coordination and efforts of collection and distribution of donated items.  This volunteer would also coordinate kit packing events (hygiene, flood buckets, etc) as needed with organizations like Heart to Heart International.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend FEMA donations management training

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Congregation Education

Help plan an education event for the church.  Be the liaison with the JoCo Emergency Management & Communications and see if they can participate in the fall Health Fair. Potential for planning an educational opportunity before/after worship services.  Find other avenues for the JoCo Emergency Management & Communication staff to come and education people on disaster preparation.

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Community/Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD/VOAD) Representative

Represent Resurrection on the COAD/VOAD – this is the group that pulls all organizations together and mobilizes them in the event of a local disaster.

Time Commitment:

  • Bi-monthly meetings with the COAD & monthly meetings with the Resurrection Disaster Response Ministry
  • Help Lead the VRC (Volunteer Reception Center) both in training exercises and if there was an event (disaster) nearby

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Volunteer Reception Center Volunteer

Serve as a volunteer in the event there is a disaster and Resurrection (or another building nearby) is activated to serve as a VRC location.

Time Commitment:

  • Volunteer during training exercises (1x a year)
  • If there is an event, serve in the VRC as many hours as you are able to give:
    • Greeting disaster response volunteers
    • Screening volunteers
    • Interview & assigning volunteers to the different agencies represented
    • Data collection

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