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Posted Jul 7, 2018

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This week's Small Group Guide is composed of questions from this week's GPS Guide. The questions relate to the Scripture for that particular day. You can download the full week's GPS as a printable document for the context of each question below (in the printable version, the recommended small group questions are marked with a special bullet point).

From Tuesday's Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:14-18

Paul also addressed our human tendency to think, “Everyone else should be like me.” So he asked, “If the whole body were an eye, what would happen to the hearing? And if the whole body were an ear, what would happen to the sense of smell?” (verse 17) How hard or easy do you find it to value people whose gifts fall in different areas from yours?

From Thursday's Reading: Psalm 27:1-5

Israelites who prayed and sang this psalm saw Babylon destroy Jerusalem, saw Rome overpower their land—yet they still trusted. Christians saw Jesus crucified, the apostles Paul and Peter martyred by Rome, prayed the psalm in dim Roman catacombs—yet they still trusted. What difficulties test your trust, and trigger fear in you? How can you trust that in the end God will always keep the promise to set you up high, safe on a rock?

From Friday's Reading: James 2:14-17

In Jumanji, Dr. Bravestone and Ruby Roundhouse agree to maintain their relationship outside the game, in the “real world.” They recognize that soon, outside of their video game adventure, their relationship may be more difficult. Do you find it easier to believe, pray, or worship while in the walls of a church? How can you channel these feelings in “the real world” when God doesn’t seem as clear or present?

From Saturday's Reading: 2 Timothy 1:6-8

Paul knew his faith came from his ancestors, and called his friend Timothy to live out his own legacy of faith from his mother and grandmother (cf. 2 Timothy 1:3-5). But he knew the ultimate source of courage and power was God, not just family tradition. What examples of either spiritual courage or timidity are parts of your family’s spiritual legacy? Are there ways that parents, grandparents and other important people have given you confidence to fearlessly value and use your God-given strengths? If so, how has their legacy affected you? If not, in what ways has God empowered you to be the person God made you to be? How can you mentor and encourage someone who is younger than you?

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