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Posted Apr 4, 2020

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This week's Small Group Guide is composed of questions from this week's GPS Guide. The questions relate to the Scripture for that particular day. You can download the full week's GPS as a printable document for the context of each question below (in the printable version, the recommended small group questions are marked with a special bullet point.)

From Monday's Reading: Luke 22:7-30

The Passover celebrated God’s great act in the past. Jesus’ expansion of it into the Lord’s Supper didn’t just recall the cross, but also pointed forward. The CEB Study Bible notes that “until it is fulfilled” (verse 16) “is a promise to Luke’s readers that the kingdom truly will come.”* Do you trust that God’s promises are not just pious words, but offer a future you can count on? How can taking part in Communion (even online) reinforce your trust and hope?

From Tuesday's Reading: Luke 21:5 – 22:6

The life of faith is not always easy. Scholar N. T. Wright described it: “This is what it’s about: not an exciting battle, with adrenalin flowing and banners flying, but the steady tread, of prayer and hope and scripture and sacrament and witness, day by day and week by week.”** As the crisis has disrupted your daily routines, how are you seeking to maintain the “steady tread” of your faith journey? Are there any models of living with patient faith you can draw on?

From Thursday's Reading: Luke 22:63-23:12

The religious leaders loathed tax collectors for working with Rome. Now they readily set aside that “principle” to insist that the Roman procurator help them kill Jesus. Have you ever seen (or been) a person willing to use bad means to achieve a desired goal? From God’s point of view, who was really on trial—Jesus, or Pilate and the religious leaders who refused to even consider that Jesus might be who he claimed?

From Friday's Reading: Luke 23:13-46

We know many Jewish mothers used Psalm 31:5 (“into your hands I entrust my life”) as a bedtime prayer for their children. Jesus as a boy may well have learned the verse from Mary. Mary was there as he repeated it on the cross (John 19:25). Imagine her feelings hearing her dying son repeat the trusting bedtime prayer she taught him so many years earlier. What does it mean for you to entrust your life fully into God’s hands?

* Richard B. Vinson, study note on Luke 22:16 in The CEB Study Bible. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2013, p. 157NT.

** N. T. Wright, Luke for Everyone. Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2004, p. 260.

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