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March/April RezDT Serve Update

Posted Mar 28, 2019

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Happy MARCH MADNESS!  Thank you for taking a few minutes to see what is going on in the serve life of RezDT! The service opportunities below, along with RezDT community life and worship are how we make a positive impact in people's lives. With your full participation, we are #withKC! Find ways to do all these at the RezDT website.  Contact me anytime for further connection and care, 816-979-1344 or


  • Serve Saturday Goals
  • Ordinary Saints
  • Serving on your own?
  • Volunteers of the Month--Deb Brewer


JOIN US THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 30.  We'll not meet for our traditional 3rd Saturdays in April due to it being Easter Weekend.  Our goal is to gather 500 people on this SUPER Serve Saturday.  We have established projects with 16 partners for the day and want you to join in the MARCH MADNESS! It's not too late to invite friends, family and co-workers!

Check out all of our sites by going to our Sing up form and please sign up if you can to ensure we have coverage at all of our partner sites! You're also welcome to show up Saturday morning as usual and to be assigned to a project.

  1. Invite a friend and join us this Saturday at 1601 Grand. Doors open at 8:00am for morning refreshments. 
  2. A brief program starts at 8:30am to learn about the day's ministry partners. Deploy by 9:00am to serve the community for a few hours.
  3. Have lunch with other volunteers and send us your feedback.

We don't visit every site every month. Click here for a list with web-links to all of the serve partners that we can help you connect with throughout the year.

Serve Saturday Goals

  1. Welcome 200 first time participants who begin serving with us regularly.
  2. Small groups begin to serve together regularly at one of our partner sites.
  3. Cultivate 6 stories of service that compel others to serve and that can be shared with the broader community.

Your feedback after serve events will help us track these goals. A link is sent out each month to those who have registered to serve.  You're welcome to follow it here too.

Ordinary Saints

Meaningful impact in the community grows because of the stories people tell. Participants in making that impact and those that spread the word are "Ordinary Saints". We'd like to record these stories to create a catalog that demonstrates the impact RezDT is making on the community and in people's lives. For more information on sharing a story, contact

Are you serving on your own or through your employer!?!?!

TEXT "DEEP" to 816-256-5588 to let us track and celebrate it with you!

Are you passionate about a service opportunity you've been doing outside of RezDT and wish you had more help? I'd love to help bring more volunteers along side you. 

Small Business Outreach--Do you wish you could do service projects with fellow employees? Contact me and let's set something up with your colleagues to facilitate it together! 

Email if any of these apply to you!

Volunteer of the month

This month I'd like to honor the work and gifts of Deb Brewer.  Deb is being recognized because she has taken charge of the serve life of her small group.  In this role Deb took the initiative to visit two new potential serve sites with me, in the Northland where her small group mostly lives, to help establish them both as a serve Saturday site and a site that her small group can commit to on a regular basis.  You'll often find Deb volunteering on the weekends helping clean something.  The parking lot and grounds around RezDT stay clean largely because of her humble service.  Thank you Deb for all that you are doing to serve WithKC and with RezDT!


Hope to see you Saturday!

I also hope you've enjoyed getting to know what's going on in the Serve life of RezDT!  Don't hesitate to reach out anytime you have questions, concerns, or just need a listening ear. Email or call 816-979-1344.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Patrick

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick is the Community Pastor at Resurrection Downtown.