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July/August RezDT Serve Update

Posted Jul 19, 2018

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Thank you for taking a few minutes to see what is going on in the serve life of RezDT! With your participation we are #withKC! My hope is that we will celebrate our impact and the challenges we encounter in service withKC through our community and worship life. Check out our worship and community life calendars at to find ways to more fully know, love, and serve God.  


  • Serve Saturday Sites!
  • 18 in 18 update
  • Back to School
  • Inviting Others With Story!
  • Serving with an employer or on your own?
  • Volunteers of the Month--Haley DeVries and Braxton Medellin


Invite a friend and join us this Saturday at 9am, at 1522 McGee to learn our ministry partners and be sent out to serve for a few hours.  As our entry point to serving the community, I'd like you to think about this event as an introduction to serving, maybe even a training of sorts, for developing a lifelong commitment to serve.  Get to know the ways we volunteer with dozens of agencies and then begin to visit them on your own, with your small group, and with those you invite into a life of service with your.  This month's agency partners are:

  • Monthly Rotating Opportunities:
    • Lazarus Ministry--Clothing boutique and Noon meal prep
    • Don Bosco--Cleaning Senior Center
    • Reconciliation Services--Prepping a home for occupancy
    • Kansas City Rescue Mission Men's Shelter--Cleaning the shelter
  • Monthly serve opportunities with:
  • Off Saturday Events
    • Micah Ministry--Weekly Evening Meal
      Contact our liaison Mary Landis for more details
    • Opportunities to serve at Wendell Phillips and East High are right around the corner!  Visit our Education partner webpage for more details!

18 in 18

How are you doing at reaching the goal we set for each person calling RezDT their home, serving 18 hours in 2018?  Here are the numbers we've collected through June!  Whenever you serve, through RezDT or on your own, make sure you are texting "Serve" to 816-256-5588 to make your service known.

People                  # of times served

148                         1

92                           2

90                           3

36                           4

25                           5

Among these numbers, we've welcomed about 50 first time participants!

Back to School Drive

The back to school drive is ON!  Pick up school supply bags, sign up to be a prayer partner, and learn more ways to give and get involved at our the table located in the church lobby. School supplies are due back by Aug 5 and we can share more about the opportunities to serve at the table or by emailing our liaisons Julie Doane, for Wendell Phillips and Amy Skjordal, for East High School! When you get involved by donating or signing up, take a Resurrection loves Wendell Phillips tumbler cup for you and your family to remember our partnership all year long!


RezDT StoryCOR

Every meaningful ministry at RezDT started with a story. We'd like to do more to capture these stories and realize more capacities for ministry with you and #withKC!  We recognize the number of stories we can collect as a measurement of the immeasurable impact RezDT and God are having on your life and the life of the community.

Start learning to craft your story this Saturday morning before heading over to Whittier Elementary School to serve.  If you have elementary aged children, drop them first at VBC, then come to RezDT from 9:30-11a for a workshop on how to develop your story. Sign up here to let us know your are coming.  Walk-ins also welcome.




9 youth and 5 adults travelled to Tennessee in June to serve with Mountain T.O.P.? The trip was a success and the youth have shown initial excitement about returning in 2019!  We look forward to the development of our youth program after having served together.  Thanks for your prayers and support!


We gathered with friends from the Global FC soccer community to worship on July 11. Though the night took on a little different tone because of the tragic death of one of their players, Om Kee, we were still able to have a wonderful celebration of God with Glory Revival and learned about the value of diversity from one of our community leaders from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Alex Campbell. Thanks to Global FC and Alex for your gifts and desire to enter into innovative partnerships.

Serve On Your Own!

Employee Based Service
Many employers encourage community service and if you have one of these employers, I'd love you to count those hours towards our community serve 18 in 2018 goal. Text "serve" anytime to 816-256-5588. If your co-workers are looking for opportunities to serve, invite them to serve with us at a Serve Saturday.

Small Business Outreach
If you're employer does not have the capacity to offer you service opportunities, connect me with your boss and let's see how we can work together in our shared desire to be #withKC.

RezDT creates service opportunities for you to be introduced to service. These service opportunities are intended to be a vehicle for you and those you invite  to become more familiar with God's work in the community and at RezDT. The next step in your discipleship journey is to begin serving at one of our partners, or any place you know about otherwise, fully on your own initiative. We'd also love to help you build capacity with new partners.  Here's what you can do to help us know that you are living into RezDT's commitment to lead with service and have our community and worship gatherings be an outpouring of that service:

  • Whenever you serve, let us know by texting "serve" to 816-256-5588.
  • Fill out some basic information about you on the reply text you receive.
  • Use the feedback form offered in a subsequent text to offer some insights to your serve experience and how we can bring people alongside you.
  • Share your story with our StoryCOR initiative (details above)
  • We'll celebrate your service hours with the community and help you build capacity for greater Kingdom building work in KC!

Check out all of our serve partners that you'll have an opportunity to connect with throughout the year

Volunteer(s) of the month

This month's recognition goes to Haley DeVries and Braxton Medellin.  They are engaged to be married this fall and amidst wedding planning, participating in RezDT worship teams, and work, they made time to travel for a week with the youth to Tennessee for our first youth mission trip.  They are wonderful leaders and we are very fortunate to have them call RezDT their home!


So Long, Farewell....

You may see a little less of me between now and September.  I am blessed to be spending time away from work with Margot, who is now 3.5 months old.  Megan has gone back to work and I am granted this period by the UMC to grow more and more in love with her.  Plan to see me for Serve Saturdays and special serve projects but not much leading worship, working out in the community, or attending to congregational care needs.  Thank the rest of our staff and pastors for chipping in a little extra so I can take this time away!

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know what's been going on in the Serve life of RezDT! Thank you for your ongoing participation to achieve our 2018 goal of 18 in 18! We hope that all will dedicate 18 hours of service in 2018. If you believe you'll achieve this quickly, consider a few higher tiered 18 in 18 challenges: Serve 18 times with the same ministry partners and Invite 18 people to join you in service or in another RezDT community activity.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Patrick

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick is the Community Pastor at Resurrection Downtown.