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June/July RezDT Serve Update

Posted Jun 14, 2018

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Thank you for taking a few minutes to see what is going on in the serve life of RezDT! With your participation we are #withKC! My hope is that we will celebrate our impact and the challenges we encounter in service withKC through our community and worship life. Check out our worship and community life calendars at to find ways to more fully know, love, and serve God.  


  • Serve Saturday is BLESS THE SCHOOL!
  • Inviting Others With Story!
  • Serving with an employer or on your own?
  • Volunteers of the Month--Healing House


Join us this Saturday at 9am, directly at Whittier Elementary school 1012 Bales Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127. Volunteers must register to ensure adequate work is prepared for your shift. You are also encouraged to sign up for other times to serve throughout the following week, REGISTER HERE.

This will be a great way to make up some hours if you've missed some Serve Saturdays and you are hoping to reach your goal of serving 18 in 18 with the community.

RezDT StoryCOR

Every meaningful ministry at RezDT started with a story. A person shared the way they were affected by their experience and desired to help others have a similar experience. We'd like to do more to capture these stories and realize more capacities for ministry with you and #withKC!

Start learning to craft your story this Saturday morning before heading over to Whittier Elementary School to serve.  If you have elementary aged children, drop them first at VBC, then come to RezDT from 9:30-11a for a workshop on how to develop your story. Sign up here to let us know your are coming.  Walk-ins also welcome.



  • A team of volunteers served a week in Honduras June 2-9
    Together they poured concrete floors to improve the community's health, helped Pastor Alejandro witness to neighbors, shared the love of Christ with children, and taught leaders about the impact of Small Groups.  If you are interested in hearing about their daily adventures, check out the blog they kept.  If you'd like to travel internationally with RezDT, please reach out to to find out the next opportunities to do so!
  • Youth Mission Trip and Construction Skills Bootcamp
    From June 23-30, 2018 we are taking 10 kids from our church and our refugee soccer partnership on their first mission trip! We are going to Mountain T.O.P (Tennessee Outreach Project). We would love your help writing prayers to each participant. Visit our construction ministry webpage to sign up and to see what tools we need donated too!
  • A Big Thank you to the Healing House for hosting us and to our construction ministry friends for training us.  Over 30 people became more acquainted with tools and our community came together in new and exciting ways. Visit the Helping Hands Construction Ministry web page if you'd like to get more involved with our bi-monthly construction projects!
  • If you'd like to know more about The Healing House, please attend their open house on June 15 from 1-4pm at their new building, 4505 St. John Ave.


RezDTeens prepare for camp by learning to use power tools!BootCamp2.jpg?mtime=20180614114209#asset:18063:tf315x220BootCamp.jpg?mtime=20180614114211#asset:18064:tf315x220RezDT Adults also equip themselves for year round construction ministry.

Serve On Your Own!

Employee Based Service
Many employers encourage community service and if you have one of these employers, I'd love you to count those hours towards our community serve 18 in 2018 goal. Text "serve" anytime to 816-256-5588. If your co-workers are looking for opportunities to serve, invite them to serve with us at a Serve Saturday.

Small Business Outreach
If you're employer does not have the capacity to offer you service opportunities, connect me with your boss and let's see how we can work together in our shared desire to be #withKC.

RezDT creates service opportunities for you to be introduced to service. These service opportunities are intended to be a vehicle for you and those you invite  to become more familiar with God's work in the community and at RezDT. The next step in your discipleship journey is to begin serving at one of our partners, or any place you know about otherwise, fully on your own initiative. We'd also love to help you build capacity with new partners.  Here's what you can do to help us know that you are living into RezDT's commitment to lead with service and have our community and worship gatherings be an outpouring of that service:

  • Whenever you serve, let us know by texting "serve" to 816-256-5588.
  • Fill out some basic information about you on the reply text you receive.
  • Use the feedback form offered in a subsequent text to offer some insights to your serve experience and how we can bring people alongside you.
  • Share your story with our StoryCOR initiative (details above)
  • We'll celebrate your service hours with the community and help you build capacity for greater Kingdom building work in KC!

Check out all of our serve partners that you'll have an opportunity to connect with throughout the year

Volunteer(s) of the month

This month we go beyond names! I want to recognize the amazing work of our partners at The Healing House! Mommas Bobbi Jo Reed and Judi Burkholder are often the faces of the organization. They have led it to what feels like unlimited growth potential with the ongoing purchases of residential properties in the NE and now of two commercial properties that will make their services more broadly available to the neighborhood, city, and state.

In the midst of this busy season of growth, Bobbi Jo spent a considerable amount of time in Jefferson City advocating for more state spending on Mental Health Recovery.  While these two moms are powerhouses, every time I visit, there is always a flurry of activity from the residents. They truly all share in the ownership of the community and success of their brothers and sisters.  Their worship with us on the weekend truly feels like an outpouring of their service with each other and those in KC looking to grow in the knowledge, love, and service of Christ.  Their help volunteering at Serve Saturday, providing Serve Saturday projects, and in service each weekend in worship makes them stand out as a community worthy of recognition. Please consider attending their open house Friday June 15 from 1-4pm to see their new building and congratulate them! The Open House is located at 4505 St. John Ave in KCMO.

Healing-House-Shatterproof.png?mtime=20180614121435#asset:18066:tf1920x1080Residents with the Healing House participated together in the Shatterproof 5k to build awareness of drug and alcohol recovery in Kansas City.


I hope you've enjoyed getting to know what's been going on in the Serve life of RezDT! Thank you for your ongoing participation to achieve our 2018 goal of 18 in 18! We hope that all will dedicate 18 hours of service in 2018. If you believe you'll achieve this quickly, consider a few higher tiered 18 in 18 challenges: Serve 18 times with the same ministry partners and Invite 18 people to join you in service or in another RezDT community activity.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Patrick

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick is the Community Pastor at Resurrection Downtown.