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April RezDT Serve Update

Posted Apr 20, 2018

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Thank you for taking a few minutes to know what is going on in the serve life of RezDT!  With your knowledge of what we're doing and help in finding ways we need to get involved, we are #withKC!

Not many of you know this, but I sang in a vocal jazz ensemble in college and one of my favorite standards was Come Rain or Come Shine. I never was a soloist but when this tune came up I always sang my part like I was out there alone on stage.  This song is on my mind right now for a couple reasons. The first, we welcomed Margot Grace into the world two weeks ago and I've found myself singing it to her (see picture below).  The second, there has been light rain in the forecast for Serve Saturday morning, Apr 21. Come Rain or Come Shine, we'll have ways for you to serve, so I hope to see you making progress towards your goal of serving #18in18 while we all strive toward deepening our relationships #withKC.

I'm looking forward to experiencing God with you this weekend at Serve Saturday. We have a special opportunity to grow in your ability to understand people living with mental illness.  Its not too late to sign up for our Mental Health First Aid course from noon-2pm at 1508 Grand. Just come right on in from Serve Saturday or just show up for the class.  Do take a minute to register so we know you're coming and can provide lunch ($5 suggested donation). Then, whether you can serve with us, learn with us, or not, join us in worship. While we experience God in worship we  celebrate the difference we make through service and education. Further we challenge ourselves to remain faithful to address the challenges that are yet to be resolved in our lives and community. Check out our worship schedule here.


Serve Saturday

Invite a friend and bring your family to this amazing introduction to community service. We'll have refreshments so you can roll out of bed and simply join us at 9am, at 1522 McGee. You'll then be deployed to one of our amazing partner agencies. This month we'll be serving at:

  • Healing House--We build on our strong relationship and celebrate them receiving $60k of our community transformation Easter grant to build their new Community Recovery Center! This month we'll be helping them beautify their properties.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor--This is a new partnership with RezDT. They've moved into a new facility and we're helping them set up shop so they can return to full capacity serving our neighbors.
  • Paseo West Community Garden- Together we'll help get garden beds and the areas in between ready for the spring growing season.
  • KCRM Men's Shelter and Recovery Program--Indoor deep cleaning to keep their facility nice and safe.
  • My Father's House--Now called The COR furnishings ministry, is moving locations!  Join us at their existing warehouse to help in the move.
  • Helping Hands Construction Ministry--Weather permitting a few folks will join this team to help with a home repair project.
  • Kuamba Reading Nook--Every month we welcome new people interested in helping refugee children with their literacy.

Every time you serve you are helping us meet our community goal. The challenge is for each person who calls RezDT their home to serve 18 hours in 2018.  If Serve Saturdays do not fit into your schedule, know that nearly every agency we work with would be glad to have you when you are available.  Also keep reading below for some organized non-Saturday opportunities to serve.

Each time you serve, check in with us to let us know by texting "serve" to 816-256-5588.  You'll receive a text in return asking for some basic information and then a few hours later, you'll be invited by text to offer some insights to your serve experience. We'd love to celebrate all of your service experiences with you whether we've coordinated them or not. You can also help us discover new opportunities to serve in this way!  We'd love to encourage others to come along side you if that's something you'd appreciate.

Many employers encourage community service and if you have one of these employers, I'd love to know about it and encourage you to count those hours towards 18 in 18. If your co-workers are looking for opportunities to serve, invite them to serve with us. If you're employer does not encourage this or would like to but doesn't have the capacity to implement a program, get in touch and let's see how we can work together in our shared desire to be #withKC.

Check out all of our serve partners that you'll have an opportunity to connect with throughout the year.

Special Serve Opportunities

If you can't make it this weekend or simply want to do more, consider these ways of really helping out.

Field Day at Wendell Phillips–-Join us for this fun and rewarding Serve opportunity at Wendell Phillips Elementary School, helping celebrate the last day of school and encouraging students to stick it out to the very end! There will be activities you can help lead throughout the morning and/or afternoon.  Consider setting a morning, afternoon, or full day aside to join us in this wonderful partnership #withWP.  Register online here, or email with questions!

Global FC Neighborhood Clean Up--We have been invited by the Global FC refugee soccer program to join them in the Lykins Neighborhood for a Neighborhood Cleanup Day on Saturday April, 28th from 9:00AM-3:00 PM. Many Global FC players live in the neighborhood, which is currently the area in the Historic Northeast that has the most need for assistance. This is an awesome opportunity for us to get to know their players as they reinvest in the community as servant leaders.  Contact for more details.

Regular Serve Days

Would you like to serve on other days or times? Or more regularly on your own or with friends and family? Check out all of these ways to get involved nearly every day of the week:

  • Serve Mondays at Micah Ministry--A hot meal, clothing, and medical services are offered by generous volunteers like you. Give us a heads up or just show up between 5-7 to the Independence Blvd Christian Church (606 Gladstone).
  • Reconciliation Services hosts a dinner every Friday for neighbors in the 31st and Troost neighborhood. We are going tomorrow!  Sign up here if you'd like to join us!
  • Impact Wednesday is an Avenue of Life program helping struggling families in KCK. You can sit at a table and help distribute resources to them or get involved in any number of ways.
  • Morning Glory Ministries serves breakfast on Friday mornings. Contact if you'd like to spend your Friday morning with this ministry.
  • Families at risk of losing their children and families taking in foster children need help with resources. They also need to know they have a neighbor who cares. You can see all of the requests and dip your toe into the water of giving hope to a family by clicking here to see needs in: Jackson County, Clay County, Platte County, Wyandotte County, Johnson County. Helping meet these needs offers you the possibility of sharing the ministries of the church that can help them have all of their needs met.
  • Refugee and Immigrant Newcomers to our community are eager to make positive community connections that help them succeed in a new culture.  If you'd like to work with children or families, please reach out and we'll be happy to connect you through our growing partnership with the Kuamba Reading Nook and the FC Global Soccer program. Contact for more information.

As our church grows you may come to believe that your service is less needed because there are more people to meet the needs. It's simply not true. The reality is that as our church grows, God expands our territory and the gifts you have will help us discover God's work for us in those places.  Whether its serving communion or coming alongside neighbors in Kansas City, YOUR GIFTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Let us help you employ them. Thank you for your prayerful consideration of a commitment to serve this Easter season and beyond.

Youth Mission Trip

In June 2018 we are excited to be taking 10+ kids on their first mission trip to Mountain T.O.P (Tennessee Outreach Project). Stay tuned for ways that you can be involved through prayers, offering scholarships, donating tools etc. This is new territory for RezDT and we are excited to share the ministry with you!

Volunteer of the month

Adam White is being recognized this month because like many months, he has found ways to use his gifts and abilities to enhance our community.  He frequently has suggestions about ways we could be involved and makes introductions to people working in those areas so that we can come along side them.  This month he coordinated a special serve day for our 20/30 group with the Helping Hands construction ministry and helped create some capacity to serve with our Spanish speaking population.  Thank you Adam for your ongoing leadership that helps us live more fully #withKC.




I am convinced that each of us has an impactful story to share. Where do you see God at work in your life?  How did you come to call RezDT your home?  What does the church mean to you? What transformation has occurred in you as you've committed to a discipleship journey? What questions did you have that have been answered by your faith? What questions do you still wrestle with?  Sharing these stories will help you continue to develop and they might inspire others if you are willing to share them. For more information on recording your story, contact me at


See you on Saturday!

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know what's been going on in the Serve life of RezDT!  Thank you for your ongoing participation to achieve our 2018 goal of 18 in 18! We hope that all will dedicate 18 hours of service in 2018.  If you believe you'll achieve this quickly, consider a few higher tiered 18 in 18 challenges: Serve 18 times with the same ministry partners and Invite 18 people to join you in service or in another RezDT community activity.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Patrick

PS as promised


Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick is the Community Pastor at Resurrection Downtown.