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Posted Jun 23, 2022

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What gets you through the hard moments of your week? I don’t mean major life-crisis, but simply those doldrum moments when you feel weary, worn down, frustrated, or stressed? Sometimes I need silence and deep breathing. Sometimes I dive into scripture. Sometimes calling a friend is just what the doctor ordered. A swift jog can calm my spinning mind. Prayer, of course, can span the range of angry outrage to gratitude and thanksgiving.

We each face decisions, carry stress, and handle the demands of life, and my hope is that your faith equips you well. Find the practices that still your soul, keep you centered, and sustain you through fatigue. God will continue to provide for your need, show up for you in remarkable ways, and give you grace to go on.

Be well this week,


Anne Williams

Anne Williams

Anne has served as a pastor at Resurrection since 2011, and is now the Resurrection Downtown Location Pastor. She loves to guide the process of reconstructing faith. She and her husband, Eric, raise two sons, Jude and Reid. Anne writes real, honest devotions about everyday life at