Contentment: Do Not Covet

Posted Oct 26, 2019

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This week's Small Group Guide is composed of questions from this week's GPS Guide. The questions relate to the Scripture for that particular day. You can download the full week's GPS as a printable document for the context of each question below (in the printable version, the recommended small group questions are marked with a special bullet point.)

From Monday's Reading: Exodus 20:17, Deuteronomy 19:14

Even in medieval Europe, we read about disputes in which someone moved a boundary stone (the only way for someone to mark property, in the absence of formal written or electronic records). The same kind of action seems to have been an issue for ancient Israel. What might be some modern (and perhaps more subtle) equivalents of tampering with “your neighbor’s property line”?

From Wednesday's Reading: Psalm 73:2-14, 21-23

The traditional King James Version translated Psalm 23:1 as “I shall not want.” Modern versions say, “I have all I need,” or “I lack nothing.” Because that psalm seemed to reflect David’s young days as a shepherd, rather than his later status as King of Israel, how do you believe it defined “need”? How often can you honestly say you feel that you have all you need?

From Thursday's Reading: Matthew 6:25-33, 22:34-40

Scholar William Barclay wrote that Jesus called us to love God “not with a nebulous sentimentality but with that total commitment which issues in devotion to God and practical service of men.”* What are some signs that show your commitment to a task at work, to your mate or your kids, or to another important part of your life? In what ways is your commitment to trusting in, loving and serving God shaping your life around meaning, joy and peace?

From Friday's Reading: Romans 7:7-12

A mirror can show us things about ourselves we couldn’t otherwise see, but no one washes their face with a mirror. Jesus' brother James compared God’s law to a mirror (cf. James 1:23-24). In Romans 7, Paul said the tenth commandment showed him that he needed a Savior, no matter how proud he was of his Pharisaic outward righteousness (cf. Philippians 3:4-7). When have you had moments of insight into things that needed to change inside you?

* William Barclay, Daily Study Bible Series: The Gospel of Matthew—Volume 2, Chapters 11–28 (Revised Edition). Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1976, p. 279.

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