Give the Gift of Education

Help break the chain of poverty with education by sponsoring students at our Global Partner Schools

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Letter from a Sponsored Child:

At this moment I have mixed feelings since this will be the last letter I will write to you . . . I want you to know that you are very special and have a special place in my heart, I will always keep you in my prayers so that God always blesses you for the enormous heart you have to bless others . . . I am so grateful to the (sponsorship program) and to each of its collaborators for the time, effort, patience and affection they have always shown, the project has been a great blessing and help for my life. . .

I am proud to be a (graduate from the sponsorship program), and I know what I have learned I will not forget and will help me to share with others. I have a request for you, and at the same time for me it would be the best gift, and that is to sponsor another child in my place, so you can change the life of another person as (you) did with mine. . .

With and affection always,

Lizzy Abigail Bonilla Vasquez