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Because we take the health and well-being of our congregation, staff and community very seriously, we have decided that we will not hold Resurrection Recovery Night in person until further notice. Instead, we will post stories like the video above (also available through the Resurrection Recovery Podcast site). Many support groups will also continue to meet using video chats, so check with your leader about how to get connected in that way.

If you are trying to connect with your support group leader but you don’t have their contact information, please contact Pastor Tom Langhofer via email at or call 913-544-0219, and he will connect you with the leader. Several of the leaders will be conducting their Thursday recovery meetings at various times throughout the week, including Thursday evenings.

Resurrection Recovery: Special Guest Speaker Frank Boal

How does someone find hope in the midst of the tragic loss of a child?  Frank Boal, sportscaster with Fox 4 KC and WHB 810 Radio, shares his personal story following the death of his son Brett in a car accident.  He talks about Brett’s struggle with addiction and its impact on his family. 

Dayton Moore on Addiction

The Kansas City Royals' general manager Dayton Moore spoke at Resurrection to raise awareness about the harmful effects of pornography and how to find hope after addiction. This event was part of our weekly Thursday Care Night programming.

The Johnson County Epidemic: Our Youth and Drugs

We are looking to our youth for answers to why addiction is growing in Johnson County.  This conversation took place on Thursday, September 19th in the Student Center.

Other Community Resources

Here's some local news articles on Youth and Addiction Recovery efforts in Kansas City.

If you need additional recovery help, please schedule an appointment with our Pastor of Recovery, Tom Langhofer. Please contact Stephanie Smith at 913-544-0707 to schedule an appointment.

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