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Reading and Studying the Gospel of Mark

Posted Feb 26, 2021

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Greetings Resurrection Blue Springs,

Thank you to all who served and provided donations for our Serve Saturday last weekend. We filled our conference room and missions rack with donations. Between the Downtown and Blue Springs campus we were able to fill all 47 family baskets for Wendell Phillips to celebrate the students that had 100% perfect attendance! The staff will deliver to the students homes the baskets along with books for each child and a food backpack for every family. The families will be happy to receive these items!

Thank you to those of you who came out last Thursday to donate at our Community Blood Center Blood Drive too. We received 22 donations despite the frigid cold.

I'm excited to share with you that 70 of our elected leaders met this week and among the topics discussed was the return to in person worship. We have been monitoring the COVID numbers for the Kansas City area, and have seen a dramatic drop in new infections and hospitalizations are declining as well. Most area school districts are returning to in-person learning and restrictions are easing in most municipalities. After discussion and consideration, a decision was made to return to in person worship on Sunday, March 14! This will be much like when we opened up in October – we'll have reduced capacity, and we'll require masks and social distancing. We are excited and making plans to welcome you!

With this return, we're going to need your help to provide hospitality and volunteers for KiDSCOR and Rezlife programming, which will begin after Easter. We're also making plans to host a community Easter Egg Hunt (with Covid protocols in place) and would like to find out who is willing to help. More details will be coming soon. Let us know here, if you would be willing to serve in one or more of the roles we have to fill.

Gospel of Mark Study

This week we continue our Lenten journey through the Gospel of Mark. Pastor Adam will be preaching on Jesus' mission, ministry and call. Through this year's Lenten season, we are encouraging everyone to participate in reading and studying the Gospel of Mark.

Here are a variety of ways to enhance your experience through study and connecting with others on the journey:

  • New study – Go even deeper into Mark's Gospel as Resurrection pastors lead us through an online Lenten study each Wednesday at 6:30 pm, then connect with others by participating in a Zoom conversation. Learn more here.
  • Download the Lenten Journal for taking notes during sermons and the "Walk with Jesus" study and writing your own reflections and prayers. Download the journal here.
  • Meditation Moment LIVE! Resurrection is going live on Instagram at 10 am every Wednesday during the season of Lent to share and meditate on scripture. Follow us here and join in next Wednesday.
  • Sign up for the Grow Pray Study Guide (GPS) to receive Scripture readings from Mark's Gospel, reflection questions and personal Insights blog posts. Subscribe to the daily email here.

I look forward to worshipping with you this weekend.

Pastor Penny

Penny Ellwood

Penny Ellwood

Rev. Penny Ellwood is the Campus Pastor at Resurrection Blue Springs.