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Help us with door prizes for Wendell Phillips Elementary

Posted Apr 13, 2018

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Greetings Resurrection Blue Springs!

I hope your Friday is off to a great start! Many have commented to me this week about the impact of Dr. Clarence Jones words to us last Sunday. I know that there were even some of you who traveled to Leawood Sunday evening to hear him again. This is an option for us every week with our Leawood, Downtown and West campuses offering Sunday evening services.

This is also a good opportunity for me to remind you that if you missed a sermon or you’d like to listen to a sermon again or in Jone’s case hear a variation on a sermon (as each message he delivered was a bit different), please visit our online sermon archives on the website at or visit to hear a rebroadcast of an entire worship.

It was a powerful experience to be taken back to this important time in our history and to be reminded of our responsibility to take action today. I especially loved the ending when Jones broke out singing the powerful spirituals from the civil rights movement. It was a powerful Sunday of worship made even more special as we witnessed our confirmation students claiming the name Christ for themselves.

This weekend Pastor Adam will begin a new sermon series entitled, What Would Jesus Say To...? Over the next six weeks, we'll take a look at the teachings of Jesus and how they continue to apply to current situations in our world today. This weekend we'll focus in on the Powerful and Wealthy — the 1%. I hope you'll join us for another amazing Sunday in worship.

One last thing: Along with Resurrection Downtown, we are hosting a pancake breakfast for families of Wendell Phillips Elementary and giving away a few door prizes to increase the fun. If you or your small group would like to help, there is a list of supplies needed below.

Personal Hygiene Basket (in a large plastic mixing bowl):

  • Toothpaste
  • Pack of toothbrushes (soft bristle)
  • Bath gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • 2 wash rags
  • 2 hand towels
  • Floss
  • Lip balm

Cleaning Basket (in a small laundry basket):

  • Laundry Soap
  • Dish soap
  • Spray multipurpose cleaner
  • Windex
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Comet
  • Sponge or plastic scrubbies
  • 2 Dish rags
  • 2 Dish towels
  • Package of 12 rolls of Toilet Paper

If you or members of your Small Group would like to provide items let Sherree Gorman know and bring the items to church by Wednesday, April 18.

I look forward to seeing you in worship this Sunday. Invite a friend for this new series too.

Pastor Penny

Penny Ellwood

Penny Ellwood

Rev. Penny Ellwood is the Campus Pastor at Resurrection Blue Springs.