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Celebrate the Gift of Love

Posted Feb 10, 2017

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Hello Resurrection Blue Springs!

I hope everyone is doing well on this Friday morning. Bill and I just got back into town yesterday after a couple of quick days in Florida. A little kayaking with dolphins and time around a table to laugh and reconnect with longtime friends is good for the soul and the marriage. I highly recommend it. In fact, you'll be hearing more about the importance of renewal in our upcoming sermon series. We even managed to miss the frigid weather here. This was an added bonus! The predicted warm-up today is coming in perfect time for all the activities we have planned for this weekend.

Tonight is our Valentine's dinner at the church. I always love to see how our sanctuary is transformed for this evening as we celebrate the gift of love together. We'll have some special music and a few fun and games after dinner, too. We still have a few places available for the dinner if you failed to get signed up. Use this link to get your name on the list! Parent's, don't forget our children (infant-5th grade) will be having their own Valentine's celebration next door at TGIF in Fellowship Hall so you can sign them up for an evening of fun as well.

Saturday morning our Faithwork crew travels to Lazarus Table at Grand Avenue Temple to serve a meal to the homeless. This is a favorite serving opportunity for our congregation for the relationship building it offers, both for the serving team and the opportunity to connect with the sojourners there. Then on Saturday evening our Singles will be gathering for a game night at the church.

Sunday we’ll conclude our sermon series, Unafraid, by focusing on our fears of death and dying. We'll also name the one fear it's good to have in your life. As we conclude this series we'll send you home with a practical tool to carry with you into the future so that we might continue to confront and overcome our fears with courage and hope. I’m looking forward to sharing news of where we’ll be headed over the next several weeks as I introduce our next sermon series called, Blowing in the Wind. If you're feeling over-scheduled, exhausted and overwhelmed, this series is for you.

I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday!


Penny Ellwood

Penny Ellwood

Rev. Penny Ellwood is the Campus Pastor at Resurrection Blue Springs.