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A Mother's Love and Devotion

Posted May 10, 2019

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Greetings Resurrection Blue Springs,

I shared a couple of weeks ago that there was a Mallard duck that had laid 13 eggs in a flower pot at the end of our dock. We’ve been watching it closely and trying not to disturb too much the protective mother that’s been nesting on it. For the last week or so, you could stand right next to the flowerpot and mom wouldn’t budge. This Wednesday morning we looked out to see the flowerpot full of little brown and gold fuzzy heads. Then we watched as one after another they leaped over the side and into the water where mom quickly rounded them up and headed out to find food. It was a great image of a mother’s love and devotion and so fun for us to watch.


This weekend in worship we continue our sermon series This Is Us by focusing on the relationships of family life. Given that it’s Mother’s Day weekend, we’ll shift our focus to the role that mothers play in our lives and take a look at how God uses our moms to shape and form us in the image of God.

At the end of each service we will have a special gift for every woman in attendance. We’ll also have an opportunity this Sunday for you to sponsor a ZOE orphan in honor of your mother or father. I hope you'll join us and invite the important women in your life to come with you. It will be a great Sunday!

This past Sunday we hosted a Pizza with the Pastors session, and had six additions to our church family!

This past Sunday we also gave out free Resurrection Blue Springs t-shirts to any person willing to use it to promote our church. These were gifted to us from one of our church families who saw a way that they could help us to witness to our faith in our community. Isn't that awesome!! If you weren't here last Sunday, you can pick one up after worship. There is a limited supply, so don't forget.

Finally, we're planning to recognize graduates in worship on Sunday, May 19. Please let us know if your family has a graduate.

I’ll be out of the office this week spending time with my Mom remembering and honoring my Dad as we cross off one of his bucket list items together.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Penny

Penny Ellwood

Penny Ellwood

Rev. Penny Ellwood is the Campus Pastor at Resurrection Blue Springs.