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Thanksgiving and My Grandmother's Refrigerator Rolls

Posted Nov 27, 2019

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Greetings Resurrection Blue Springs,

Last night I mixed up two batches of my grandmother's refrigerator rolls for the Thanksgiving dinner we are attending tomorrow. For my family, Thanksgiving is not complete without them. The blue church cookbook I use belonged to my grandmother on the other side of the family. Its pages are yellowed and stained and beginning to crumble apart. I inherited this one from my grandma when she passed, and it’s been around for more than fifty years. I remember baking from my mom’s copy when I was first learning to cook as a child.

I have the roll recipe written down in other places but there’s something about opening these pages that takes me back. The small ringed cookbook is full of tried and true recipes that have been a part of our family table for as long as I can remember. Every recipe in the book is followed by the name of someone from my home church or a family member – names of people who have left a mark on my life. It is reminder of the many things I am grateful for in my life.

As you prepare to gather around your tables this year, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the past year and all that you have to be thankful for, too. As I continue to count my blessings, I want to make sure that you know how thankful and blessed I am to be a part of this community. It brings me a great deal of joy to serve with you.

We have spent the week preparing the sanctuary for the Advent season and it looks beautiful. Thank you to everyone who helped to put up trees and decorate this week. Sunday we will begin the Advent season with a new sermon series called The Birth of the King. Each sermon will look at one or two passages from the biblical prophets foretelling the coming of a special King – passages written centuries before the birth of Jesus. Then we’ll turn to the gospel stories surrounding the birth of Jesus to see how early Christians saw the prophetic words fulfilled in Jesus.

Christmas is always a great time to extend an invitation to others. If you were not with us, last Sunday we handed out pocket calendars for 2020. These were provided by one of our members to help make the invitation process easier for you. Inside the calendar is a card with our worship times. You can grab one for yourself and another stack to hand out at work, the gym and your child’s basketball game. You can also  pass along the sermon promo through your social media outlets.

Sunday plan to check out the Joy In Serving table too. We will have more Joy in Serving opportunities available as we approach Christmas.

Invite friends and family to join us as we celebrate the hope that is to come!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.



Penny Ellwood

Penny Ellwood

Rev. Penny Ellwood is the Campus Pastor at Resurrection Blue Springs.