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RezDT May Mission Enote

Posted May 18, 2017

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It is starting to feel like late spring; plants are confidently in the ground with out fear of a late frost, news of storm damage through out the country needing our attention, graduation parties, weddings and BASEBALL!  It is definitely MAY and we are into my 12th month on the job! Where has the time gone? As you reflect on the last month and year, and look to the months and years ahead, I pray that you find God's presence in this place as I have.

One way you are sure to find God's presence is by committing to a mission journey that starts with Faithwork.  Each month you'll have an opportunity to visit a new partner that is doing great work for Kansas City.  As you open yourself to God's work in our community, our faith is that you will become more fully alive in relationships with God and your neighbors. We hope you'll use Faithwork as an invitation to others to live the life that truly is life.

In case you wondered, we don't just drop into these agencies.  Rather, we have a group of highly dedicated and faithful liaisons coordinating our visits well ahead of time.  If you ever have questions about our work or want to connect more deeply, these liaisons and I would be happy to visit with you.  Here is a link to all of our mission partners and my contact info is at the bottom of this update.

If you'd like to receive emails and occasional texts about serve opportunities, take  second to let us know by signing up here.

Last Month

Over the last month there has been a lot of mission activity at RezDT. Check out pictures below!

  • International teams began preparing for summer trips to Honduras (June 3-10) and Malawi July 13-23.  Keep us in your prayers!
  • 20 RezDT members and friends gathered to discern next steps to working with people from other countries who are new to our community.
  • Wendell Phillips let us bring the bookmobile and host a teacher appreciation lunch.Click here if you'd like to see student's AMAZING Bookmobile Thank You Notes.
  • 10 volunteers spent a Saturday morning helping Lazarus Ministry move to their new location at 3215 Olive street.

The Month Ahead

  • Faithwork is THIS Saturday May 20! We'll be working with The Healing House, Community Linc, Lazarus Ministries, The Kansas City Rescue Mission, and Don Bosco Center.  There will be something to do for everyone! No need to register, just show up to our 1522 McGee sanctuary at 9am on Saturday and we'll send you out with instructions. For more information, check out our Downtown Faithwork Page.
  • Opportunities at Wendell Phillips Elementary School!
    • Global Fun Day May 25! To celebrate the end of the year, Wendell Phillips is taking an opportunity to celebrate its diversity through activities that appreciate all the places from around the world their students come from.  Consider a vacation day to experience this amazing day of service with our partner school. Registration required.
    • Bless the School from June 15-23. We invite you to take a day off to have a day on with our partner school.  All of COR will be involved in blessing Wendell Phillips and we hope to have an overwhelming RezDT presence since this is the school we are in partnership with all year around.  Registration Required.
    • Summer Tutors Needed: If you are interested in helping students catch up and stay on track, summer tutoring is the PERFECT way to do it.  You will enrich the life of a child, setting them on a catalytic path to succeed, AND you will undoubtedly be blessed by the experience. For more information on summer tutoring, contact
  • The Honduras mission team will embark upon their 10 day journey to El Obraje where they'll make homes more safe by pouring concrete floors and they'll work with community members on how to become effective disciples.  If you'd like to know more about our Global impact check out the COR Global Impact page or follow the team's blog while they are in country.

Our Goals

We hope to serve alongside you this summer.  Don't hesitate to ask about opportunities to serve OR share the opportunities you're already involved with; we'd love to come alongside YOU! Help us to meet these mission goals and let us know about your progress by following the associated links.

  1. 100% of Wendell Phillips students blessed with seasonal gifts. Sign up to help with collections.
  2. 100 new Faithwork participants. Let me know who you brought so we can count them!
  3. 100 people growing in their ability to serve our neighbors by participating in a RezDT class.
  4. 100 days of deeply sacrificial service by taking vacation day(s) to serve. Notify me here.

If you'd like to receive notifications of recent mission publications or upcoming serve opportunities via text or email, please sign up for them here.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Patrick McLaughlin
RezDT Community Pastor

Volunteers preparing to unload the truck at Lazarus Ministries' new location


The Bookmobile visiting Wendell Phillips at Attucks


Refugee New Comer GatheringScreen-Shot-2017-05-18-at-8.47.50-AM.png?mtime=20170518084818#asset:11049

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick is the Community Pastor at Resurrection Downtown.