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October RezDT SERVE update

Posted Oct 12, 2017

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Happy (Christmas in) October

With temperatures dropping, it is clear that winter is right around the corner! Pumpkin spice is everywhere, my garden beds are being put to rest, and the worship teams are all wearing shoes instead of sandals (For real, come check it out! No Toes!)  As the temperature drops, I am happy that so many from our church are helping Christmas in October with home repairs this weekend. Our teams will help 3 families in Kansas City make it through the winter a little more comfortably.  A big thanks to Bob and Claudia Lagerstrom, Adam White and Dan Smith along with a whole crew of folks behind the scenes for their leadership and efforts to make this opportunity possible!  If you have some home repair skills and a desire to serve throughout the year, our Helping Hands Ministry is working alongside the CIO organization year round to attend to families and homes who don't get their project finished during the big October event.  Visit our Helping Hands webpage to learn more about these opportunities.

ReStart special project with Veterans

We also have a group of people serving at ReStart to honor Veterans this weekend.  Along with making some goodie bags and writing care notes, they'll hear a brief presentation on the challenges faced by Veterans.  Thank you to Donna Wilson and our friends at ReStart for their leadership and efforts to make this opportunity possible.

Compassion International

We also have a group of champions for Compassion International serving this weekend by raising money and participating in a walk to end child poverty.  If you would like to donate to their fundraising efforts, today is the day! Visit their team page to learn more about how to give and the difference you'll be making!

No October Saturday Serve (Faithwork)

Note that because of this weekends activities, there will be no Saturday Serve (Faithwork) on Oct. 21st. If you forget, you'll quickly be reminded by the street closures for the KC marathon!  Feel free to use our 1522 McGee lot to cheer on runners as they begin their race, but i'm sorry, you'll have to bring your own coffee and donuts ;)

Upcoming Opportunities

Monday Serve (Faithwork)

We've established our Liaison for serving at Micah Ministry on Monday evenings following Saturday Serve (Faithwork) days. Thank you Mary Landis for your commitment to and love for Micah Ministry.  Micah Ministry serves a meal to anyone in the community EVERY Monday night. Individual volunteers can simply show up any Monday between 5 and 5:45p and plug in to the serve activities.  Groups of volunteers are welcome too, but should plan their serve by emailing Mary Landis

Save The Date Saturday Serve (Faithwork)

We'll resume Saturday Serve (Faithwork) Activities on November 18th. We'll have a great menu of serving options for you to choose from. Go ahead and invite a friend now and plan to join us for some coffee, donuts, and community service! We'll get started at 9a at 1522 McGee.


With the increased generosity of the holidays, the giving opportunities also increase!  We are a generous congregation and this giving campaign is especially designed to help you invite others into that spirit of generosity.  We hope as people catch the generosity spirit, they'll see our vision of a community that authentically cares for each other. Along with that vision we hope that they'll experience a desire to make sense of their experiences and feel cared for along the way in a journey with us to know, love, and serve God. More details about JOY in serving opportunities will be released at the end of October.  Find them at

Learning Opportunities

Monday Oct. 30 6:30pm at 1508 Grand--3 week class
It is a joy to serve alongside you and the many agencies with whom we partner.  I'm also deeply grateful for the opportunity to worship and learn along side you.  One way to advance our community's journey to know God is to attend and invite a friend to my 3-week study on what it means to be missional at RezDT.  Together we'll examine RezDT’s understanding and practice of engaging our community, nation, and world through service. Whether you are a seasoned serve participant or new to the concept, we hope you’ll come to learn about what we do and why we do it. After the class, the reading list and resources offered will be posted on, along with added contributions from class, for class participants and non-participants to access.  No registration is required and for more information, contact

Implicit Bias
There are many other ways to grow in our knowledge and understanding of ourself, God, and the community in which we live. For instance, I recently attended an Implicit Bias training. In it I furthered my understanding of the sub-conscious and unintentional ways my biases inform the decisions I make and how these decisions affect the community.  If you'd like to know more or take a test to learn more about your Implicit Biases, check out this website.  Be sure to pay attention to the disclaimer, the interpretations may be discomforting. If you are comfortable with it, I'd be honored to visit with you about the interpretation of your test.

Mental Health First Aid
Be on the look out in the new year for a class on the practical skills of Mental Health First Aid.  This won't be a full certification, but rather an introduction to the most critical things we need to know when encountering a situation where you believe someone's mental health may be endangering themselves or someone around them.  Full certification classes and more information is available at

Final Word

Once again it is a joy to grow in the love and knowledge of God with you.  Thank you for your commitment to this journey. Thank you also for inviting others to come along side us. Together our prayers, presence, and gifts will further our vision of a community that authentically cares.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Patrick

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick is the Community Pastor at Resurrection Downtown.