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Posted Jan 4, 2022

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Happy New Year Resurrection West!

I hope that your New Year’s Eve celebrations were joyful, and that you are ready for the challenges and opportunities of a new year. The New Year is always a time that many of us, me included, reflect on who we are and who we want to be in the future. Some of us are not goal setters and that’s perfectly fine; others of you have extensive lists of all the goals you hope to accomplish this next year and that is perfectly fine as well.

Either way, I would challenge you to make 2022 a year where you are closer to God at the end than you are at the beginning. Maybe that will come through daily Bible reading (you can sign up for the GPS [Grow, Pray, Study Guide] here!). Maybe it will come through increasing your worship attendance or inviting a friend to join you in worship. Or, maybe it will be through spending more time helping others - you can start by signing up to serve during our MLK Commemoration Weekend, here.

2022 is full of possibilities, my friends. I’m praying for you in this new year!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Bill

Bill Gepford

Bill Gepford

Bill serves as Location Pastor for Resurrection West in Olathe, KS.