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Kick Off Advent With Us

Posted Nov 23, 2021

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I was browsing through a department store when my eyes wandered over to the jewelry case. As I peeked into the glass, my son Reid caught my attention by saying “Oh, so that’s the important stuff in there? They keep the important stuff locked up?” He pretty much nailed it and made me start thinking about what is most important in my life. I want bulletproof glass and a sturdy lock covering my most precious treasures, just like they do it in the jewelry department.

I encourage you join me in taking a moment this week to count your blessings. Not only to commemorate Thanksgiving, but also to cement your mindset for the Advent season. If I’m honest, I don’t always look forward to this time of year. The expectations can be exhausting and demanding. But as my family decorated our tree on Sunday evening, and as our staff and volunteers decorated the church today, I found myself smiling. The joy of others can be contagious and I hope the advent activities we have planned this year create meaning and smiles for you, as well. May each of us cling to our most precious treasures and turn away from any meaningless pressures we might feel obligated to fulfill.

Take a look at our advent plans and I hope to see you soon! Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


Anne Williams

Anne Williams

Anne has served as a pastor at Resurrection since 2011, and is now the Resurrection Downtown Location Pastor. She loves to guide the process of reconstructing faith. She and her husband, Eric, raise two sons, Jude and Reid. Anne writes real, honest devotions about everyday life at