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July/August Mission Update

Posted Aug 17, 2017

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It has been another exciting month with RezDT missions!  A team of Rez Downtowners experienced winter in Malawi which was a nice break from the Kansas City heat with night time lows in the 50s and day time highs in the 80s!  A break from the heat was a perk but the real satisfaction came from knowing that the UMC in Malawi is growing stronger and our team members even more convinced of God's grace.  Our team can't wait to go back because of the experience we had with Malawian hospitality and hunger for abundant life in a strong UMC community.  All we want to know is, who's coming with us!

IMG_6989.JPG?mtime=20170817221345#asset:12344The Malawi Training team stops for a photo with ZOE participants.

Find out more about Malawi, Honduras, and our work with local community partners at this month's Informal Mission Lunch following Faithwork.  
We'll meet Saturday August 19, at Noon, at Grinders.

Keep reading to learn more about opportunities to enhance your gifts, associate with others who want to serve with you, and to welcome new people into our journey to know, love and serve God!  We are eager to work alongside you to meet our 2017 mission goals:

  1. 100% of Wendell Phillips students blessed with seasonal gifts.
  2. 100 new Faithwork participants by joining us with a friend!
  3. 100 people growing in their ability to serve our neighbors by joining a class that enhances their serve.
  4. 100 days of deeply sacrificial service by taking vacation day(s) to serve. (Notify me personally if you are contributing.)



Please invite friends to join us for this entry point mission opportunity.  We are a ways from meeting our goal of 100 new Faithwork participants in 2017.  Take a moment to share about your experience on social media, invite co-workers, OR come for the first time yourself if you've never come.  Faithwork connects us to the community. They know a little more of God's love through our love for them. We are also reminded of God's grace as we experience it in service with them.

Wendell Phillips Elementary

Thanks to everyone who supported Wendell Phillips School Supply and Tiger Store Drive.  We've set 337 students up for success!  A little known fact about our partner school is that even though their enrollment numbers will increase because of how great of school they are, 60% of the students who start the school year at Wendell Phillips will not finish the year due to displacement. It's hard to see students come and go but the blessing in it is that we'll have the opportunity to share our love with about 200 new students through out the school year. All the while, we pray that the love we share with the 200 who leave will stay with them and be infections wherever they go.  There is still time to sign up and serve with our partner school.  We invite you to become a prayer parter with a teacher or staff member, help tutor a child for a couple hours a week that are convenient to your schedule, or to help administrate their reading log program.  Click here to sign up for one of these or many other opportunities to serve with Wendell Phillips.


Cultural Awareness Training Class

On Sunday Aug 27, 1pm, join pastors, community leaders and volunteers as we learn ways to have transformative relationships with people we may not usually encounter. We require this training every few years for anyone desiring to tutor with our Kansas City public school partners, however training is not limited to those who wish to become tutors. In the end, you’ll learn about a multitude of service opportunities where you can put your sharpened skills to good use. Click Here to register.

Until We Serve Again

I hope you'll be inspired and plug in to upcoming opportunities!  I look forward to hearing and sharing stories of your journey as you come to know, love, and serve God with RezDowntown.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Patrick

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick is the Community Pastor at Resurrection Downtown.